How to choose the right locksmith in Brussels?

How to choose the right locksmith in Brussels?

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Although small DIYs can help you out, they are still not sustainable. When it comes to changing the lock on a door in Brussels, the ideal would be to contact a professional since it requires technical knowledge of locksmithing. Such a choice will be quite advantageous to you, as locksmiths are used to performing this type of intervention. By entrusting them with the work to be done on your doors and locks, you avoid taking the risk of causing further damage that could lead to unnecessary expenses. Also with a locksmith craftsman, you will benefit from insurance and real warranty offers. However, how to choose the right professional in Brussels? We will discuss more about the criteria for choosing a locksmith craftsman in the following lines?

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Locksmith in Brussels: Choose a Recommended Professional Technician

To choose a locksmith in Brussels, the ideal would be to turn to a professional recommended by the manufacturer of your lock. This recommendation should not be overlooked since it is considered one of the best solutions, as the manufacturer and locksmith have a trusted partnership.

Similarly, anyone wishing to hire a locksmith in Brussels can ask for information from their entourage. In this way, these relatives will be able to recommend a trusted professional whose performance is the best. On the other hand, locksmiths should be avoided as they tend to promise interventions outside their field of action.

Indeed, several do-it-yourselfers have embarked on carrying out professional activities. This is why today you will find some locksmiths offering to intervene on electrical breakdowns and water leaks. If you come across one of these handymen, don’t hire them since they won’t do a quality job.

Locksmith in Brussels: do your research conscientiously

To hire a locksmith, you don’t have to improvise. To avoid scams made by some craftsmen as much as possible, the ideal would be to do your research beforehand. Be conscientious and base yourself on certain criteria. You need to choose qualified locksmith technicians who are recognized and appreciated for their quality of work. Here are some criteria that should not be overlooked.

  • Check the reputation of the professional: to know the reputation of the locksmith to choose, you should consult the various reviews left by his former customers on the web. While they are considered good indicators, don’t rely on them alone to form an opinion. If you see that all the reviews are going in the positive direction, then this is an encouraging sign. However, check if the customers highlight the satisfactory work, good availability and efficient interventions of the locksmith craftsman to choose.
  • Choose a locksmith working in your locality in Brussels, as this significantly reduces travel costs.
  • Use a certified locksmith to benefit from effective interventions, particularly in terms of the installation of an armored door, the change of a barrel, the opening of a safe, etc.
  • Call the locksmith and ask them a few questions over the phone. During the call, you can ask them if they are capable of carrying out emergency interventions and what their prices are. At this level, serious professionals can provide you with precise indications on the rates charged.
  • Etc.

Locksmith in Brussels: choose a craftsman who can deliver an invoice

After any intervention has been carried out, a locksmith must be able to provide you with an invoice specifying all the services provided. Whether it’s lock repair, the installation of security doors or the replacement of a cylinder, each of the interventions must be mentioned perfectly.

Whether it is for the installation of a new A2P lock, the change of cylinder, the installation of an armored door, the invoices provided by the locksmiths must mention the following elements:

  • All the contact details of the locksmith company: name, address, SIREN number, etc.
  • The customer’s information: name and address;
  • The date of the intervention;
  • A clarification on the services provided: the designation, the parts, the quantity, the amount excluding VAT, the amount of VAT and the travel price;
  • The total amount paid by the customer (including VAT);
  • Etc.

Locksmith in Brussels: refrain from overly tempting rates

Today, there are some locksmith platforms offering a very competitive rate that tend to boast exceptional craftsmanship. Several of them also offer interventions as soon as possible. More precisely, you will find locksmiths on the internet offering billings from €15 all inclusive. If you come across such professionals, then you should be wary. This recommendation should not be taken lightly since craftsmen of this stature will actually charge you much more than expected. Their main objective is to attract as many customers as possible who are interested in the rates offered.

Indeed, you should know that a cheap locksmith craftsman is not always honest about his intentions. Reliable and serious professionals will take into account several factors to determine the price of their intervention. These include labor, the cost of different parts, and travel expenses.

The quote made by a locksmith craftsman does not have to be the same for all customers. This is possible since the needs expressed by the latter are variable. Because of this, locksmiths can never charge a price of €15. Don’t choose professionals of this stature as you may find yourself in trouble.

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Locksmith in Brussels: watch out for ads

It is clear that some people pretend to be locksmiths when they have not received any training in this sector. Many of them tend to advertise on the internet. Some even go so far as to downgrade legitimate, local locksmiths through paid ads. Don’t be fooled by these fake professionals. People operating this way cater to emergency requests and usually provide low-quality locksmith services. Some of them offer much higher rates than qualified professionals.

Don’t fall for them since locksmiths of this stature lure customers by using misleading advertisements. This is because they claim extremely low service prices while offering unrealistic response times. If you’re looking for a seasoned professional, then don’t make too tempting offers. If the arguments offered by the professional seem too good to be true, do not contact him.

Locksmith in Brussels: choose a store near you

As you walk around the neighborhood, you can spot possible locksmith companies. Ideally, you should contact a professional who has his or her own store. In this way, you are certain that he is a serious locksmith who is at the head of the management of his business. By choosing an online professional, you risk using a handyman who does not have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out his intervention.

If you find a locksmith shop near you, it will be even more beneficial. In the event of a problem, you can be sure that the professional will intervene as soon as possible. Since it’s close to your home, the travel costs won’t be high. This is one of the best ways to make the bill more moderate.

Locksmith in Brussels: choose a professional who can offer a quote

Locksmiths who work in homes without having made a prior estimate are not honest professionals. Refrain from craftsmen wishing to work directly on your premises without having made a detailed estimate of all the work to be done.

Locksmiths are able to give you a price range and the average time to spend on this intervention. You can ask them if the quote is free of charge to avoid any unpleasant surprises. As long as the locksmith has not yet had all the information regarding the extent of the repair, he will only give you an estimated price. The amount listed on the quote is therefore not fixed. If you want to be sure that you are choosing the right professional, then ask for information on the following:

  • Travel costs: These may be higher when the rapid response is done during the weekend or public holiday.
  • The fees for the service;
  • The amount of supplies and different parts: at this level, you can do some research on the internet to get an idea of the price ranges;
  • The amount related to labour: it varies according to the type of repair to be carried out on the locks;
  • The time and duration of the intervention;
  • The total duration of the warranty;
  • Insurance (if possible).

Locksmith in Brussels: choose a locksmith with the right equipment

Locksmiths must have the necessary tools in their possession for all interventions. If a professional comes to your home without having the equipment storage bag, know that he is not serious. As a specialist, every locksmith must go to the place of intervention with the basic tools of his trade. From his bag, this professional must take out a number of specific wrenches and screwdrivers. Likewise, he must have in his possession a cylinder extractor designed for locksmithing. In case of a broken key in the lock, this material will be of great use to the locksmith since he will use it to open the blocked door.

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Locksmith in Brussels: refrain from overly ambitious professionals

Being particularly attentive to the way in which the locksmith works is one of the best methods to determine his seriousness. In principle, professionals must carry out a prior analysis of the situation. At the scene of an intervention, if you notice that your locksmith starts to take out tools without having examined your blocked door, know that this is a bad sign.

Similarly, locksmiths must be able to offer solutions according to each situation. It may happen that the professional asks you to change the cylinder of the lock. However, if he demands to change the door directly, then be wary of him. If you find yourself in this situation, it is normal for you to suspect that the professional wants to take advantage of the situation. This is possible since this craftsman knows that this is an emergency and that you need to get home as soon as possible. So he thinks you’ll be willing to accept all the proposals, which is absolutely not the case. Be aware that a true professional will not act in this way. This is why it is essential to be vigilant about any susceptible and fraudulent behavior, because a real locksmith will not adopt questionable practices.

Locksmith in Brussels: opt for a professional who respects the commitment

As a reminder, good locksmiths must be able to make an estimate of the cost of urgent repairs. To achieve this with complete peace of mind, they will ask you essential and very specific questions. The professional’s questions must be related to the brand of the lock and the way it works.

Similarly, locksmiths must provide you with quick interventions in case of an emergency. The deadline and the estimate for their work must be met to perfection. With a professional locksmith, you won’t face any extra costs during the work. On the contrary, the amount of each intervention mentioned on the quote will be respected. Apart from a specific request for the lock, locksmiths are not allowed to be excessive on costs concerning:

  • Travel expenses;
  • The different equipment to be used;
  • Labour;
  • Etc.

At the end of the intervention, the locksmith will give you an invoice with all the amounts of the intervention. However, this only applies to works whose total amount exceeds €150. In the event of an emergency, the invoice is considered the quote. It must also include all the contact details of the professional who performed the procedure.

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