Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Doors Center: for the best security advice for your home or business premises in Brussels

Do you need advice on how to optimize the security of your home or business premises in Brussels ? Contact Doors Center immediately. Our carpentry company has qualified craftsmen to address all your concerns. Whether for entrance doors, patio doors or garage doors, our specialists will answer all your questions about the security of your premises in Brussels. In addition to carpentry, we also have competent professionals in the access control sector. They will be able to provide you with adequate advice so that your homes and business premises can benefit from optimal security.

Doors Center: a better ally for securing your homes in Brussels

Today, burglars no longer prefer to use front doors to carry out their operations. On the contrary, they tend to focus on home windows. Ideally, they should be strengthened as much as possible. Contact Doors Center for peace of mind. Our locksmith company in Brussels has all the skills needed to carry out this operation. We also have qualified experts who can give you the right advice on how to make your home’s secondary entrances more secure. Our carpenters are able to offer you state-of-the-art safety equipment. These include those that perfectly meet certain performance levels.

If you want to discourage criminals from opening or breaking your windows, Doors Center is at your disposal. It will offer you equipment of exceptional quality such as:

  • Multi-point locks;
  • Anti-de-gonda security;
  • Roller shutters;
  • Anti-burglary bars;
  • SP 10 laminated glazing;
  • Cylinder lock
  • Deadlocking
  • Hook lock
  • PZ lock
  • Cellar lock
  • Motorized lock

For better safety in Uccle (municipality in Brussels ), Doors Center recommends aluminum or wood windows. This is possible because they are stronger than PVC windows. When it comes to the type of opening, we advise you to opt for hinged windows rather than sliding ones.

Do you have doors, windows, shutters or bay windows in your home in Forest? Forest (municipality in Brussels ) ? Would you like to receive advice from an expert to make them as secure as possible? Don’t hesitate to contact Doors Center. Thanks to this joinery company, you will benefit from the best recommendations for installing a miter lock or additional locking points that can be attached to the vertical jamb. Likewise, every artisan carpenter working at Doors Center will offer you personalized advice to help you achieve absolute security in the best possible way. Here are some recommendations from Doors Center to better protect your home from break-ins:

Glazing: install laminated or burglar-resistant glass

Today, glazing is considered one of the most sensitive parts of a window in terms of home security. For better protection of your home, Doors Center strongly advises you to reinforce the quality of the glazing and the resistance of the glass to burglary.

There is a wide range of laminated and burglar-resistant glass on the market. Although these come in 8 different categories, and are classified according to the EN356 standard, Doors Center will give you the best advice on choosing the right equipment to secure your home. With this carpentry company, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because the products we offer will put off the bad guys for a long time. They won’t be able to do their job if you follow the advice given by the Doors Center carpenters.

Protective shutters and grilles: for optimum security

In addition to laminated glass, Doors Center has the technical know-how to offer you other essential equipment. These will enable you to provide increased security for your windows. This is the case, for example, with protective shutters and grilles.

Window shutters

Doors Center advises you to install window shutters, as these devices are able to play with brightness and sunlight. Window shutters can be made from a variety of materials (wood, PVC or aluminum), and can help increase comfort levels in the home. They are highly recommended by Doors Center, as they can improve a home’s level of security. By hiring the carpenters working for this joinery company, you can be sure of getting shutters with hinge fastening on the inside in the case of hinged shutters.

When it comes to roller shutters, Doors Center’s skilled carpenters can offer you equipment with an automatic locking system. Rest assured, every shutter supplied by Doors Center has a high pressure resistance rating. However, the higher the index, the greater the security of your shutter.

Doors Center also has specialists who can offer you better advice on shutter motorization. The recommendations you receive from them will give you more effective protection against all intrusion attempts. In the light of all this information, don’t hesitate to contact Doors Center for the very best safety advice.

Protective grilles

If Doors Center advises you to install protective grilles, it’s because such actions offer a deterrent effect. More specifically, criminals won’t be able to afford to go near it. This recommendation is highly favored by the carpenters at Doors Center, as it is almost impossible for a burglar to attack a window with protective grilles.

Today, many people think that protective grilles are not an aesthetically pleasing addition to a home’s architecture. Don’t worry, Doors Center’s skilled carpenters will be happy to advise you. Thanks to these specialists, you don’t just use protective grilles to protect important openings. On the contrary, they’ll give you the advice you need to choose the right models that look good and offer the best protection.

During break-in attempts, burglars always tend to take the easy way out. Just leave a window unprotected and you’ll make it easy for them. To avoid this situation, contact Doors Center immediately. The carpenters and joiners of this joinery company will offer you the best advice for optimal security of your windows. You won’t be disappointed with your choice, because we do everything we can to give you the best advice on how to make your home more secure against intruders.

Handles: opt for lockable models

To maximize the security of your home’s windows, Doors Center strongly advises you to opt for a lock or key-operated locking system. These are the basic safety devices that need to be installed. However, our carpenters who specialize in building security will be a great help on your site. During construction or renovation work, they’ll be able to offer you valuable recommendations for effective window locking. This is one of the best ways to reinforce the burglar resistance of these windows. For example, our carpenters can advise you to install window locks between the frame and the sash. This recommendation should also be taken into account by homes with sliding glass doors.

The garage door: a key point

For many years now, it has been clear that many people have tended to neglect their garage doors. If this is the case, you are indirectly facilitating burglary in your home. However, it may be that you have no concept of safety. If you find yourself in this situation, then contact Doors Center . Such a choice will be quite advantageous for you, since the carpentry craftsmen working in our joinery business will offer you adequate advice for better security.

Indeed, if you don’t want your garage door locking system to be considered a weak point in your home, then head straight to Doors Center for the right advice. With the advice of our carpenters, you’ll have a clear idea of the security measures you need to put in place in order to benefit from a deterrent effect.

Doors Center: tips for optimum security on commercial premises in Brussels

Commercial premises are considered to be buildings used to carry out a commercial activity. It can be used to manufacture, sell or store a company’s valuable goods. That’s why it’s so important to opt for effective protection to better secure business premises and considerably reduce the risk of burglary.

All entrepreneurs wishing to offer optimal security to their business premises located in Saint-Josse (municipality in Brussels ) can contact Doors Center. By making this choice, you’ll benefit from the best advice and recommendations from our experts. In fact, the carpenters and joiners working for our joinery company will offer him quality products that will help him resist the elements and scare off burglars. With Doors Center, you can also install metal curtains, quality locks and many other equipment to guarantee better protection for your business premises.

Metal curtains

By contacting Doors Center, you’ll benefit from the best recommendations for installing metal curtains. Such a choice will be quite advantageous for you, as this installation will discourage malefactors. Because of its resistance, the metal curtain is an effective piece of equipment for reinforcing the security of business premises. When you call on the metalworkers in our joinery business, you can be sure of having metal curtains that provide absolute armor plating for your doors and windows.

What’s more, Doors Center will be able to advise you precisely which metal curtain models to buy for the best protection. Depending on the specific features of your business premises, the metalworker will recommend :

  • The full tear drop metal curtain;
  • The microperforated teardrop metal curtain;
  • The corrugated teardrop metal curtain;

Roller shutters

In addition to metal curtains, the Doors Center metalworker can also recommend roller shutters. They can also help secure your business premises. With aesthetic designs and enhanced strength, the roller shutters recommended by the Doors Center metalworker can provide a great barrier against all kinds of intrusions into your business premises.

Quality locks

To better protect your business premises, the Doors Center metalworker has the specific knowledge to offer you the best locks. With these tips, you’ll be able to implement enhanced security using either a multipoint lock or an electronic lock. The latter are particularly resistant. Likewise, the electronic or multi-point locks recommended by Doors Center’s metalworkers offer greater protection against burglary and theft.

Access control

In addition to joinery, Doors Center also has qualified experts in access control. When you turn to us, you’ll benefit from the best advice on the installation and operation of access controls for professionals. Thanks to our industry specialists, you will be able to :

  • Manage access according to work schedule ;
  • Protect premises against intrusion ;
  • Get a snapshot of who’s there in case of emergency;

The installation of access control in professional buildings is designed to enhance security. Doors Center will ensure that this device is not used as a means of monitoring employees. Similarly, access control is not intended to be used as a time clock to check working hours. In the light of all this information, don’t hesitate to contact Doors Center for personalized advice specific to your situation. This choice will provide absolute security for your company’s buildings.


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