How to protect your home from package theft?

How to protect your home from package theft?

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More and more people are opting for online shopping because of the many benefits that this type of operation offers. Instead of shopping, you can spend this time on other activities.

After validation of your order, it will be delivered to you by professionals who ensure that it is in good condition until delivery. However, we can see that the more this type of operation grows, the more another phenomenon also takes on: the theft of packages.

Some people in bad faith have now specialized in stealing packages from homes. So, if you often shop online, you will need to take the necessary precautions to secure your packages. Here are some practical tips that you can use to protect your home from package theft.

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Take out package insurance

Parcel theft has become a real scourge in France. Fortunately, there are a number of effective tips to deal with it. The first piece of advice to follow is to take out lump-sum insurance. First of all, it is important to note that not all online retailers offer customers to insure their package. Nevertheless, several delivery services offer it.

If you’re buying an expensive product, it’s best to hire a delivery service professional who offers parcel insurance options. This allows you to prevent many risks since the products you have purchased can be damaged for various reasons. Indeed, the package can be affected by rain, mishandling, an accident…

Parcel insurance can therefore allow you to avoid certain inconveniences during the delivery of the package. But that’s not all, because parcel insurance also protects you against package theft before your package arrives at your home. The same applies if there is no guarantee that you have actually taken possession of the package upon delivery.

Make your porch clean and visible

The next tip to protect your home and prevent package theft is to make your porch clear and clean. By doing so, you will prevent package thieves from finding a suitable place to hide when they try to steal your package. Parcel thieves usually show real ingenuity when it comes to stealing packages.

So they think hard enough to know when to abandon an operation that would expose them and put them at great risk. They won’t take the risk of coming to steal your package from your porch even if you don’t come to pick it up quickly. Also, for the trick to work, you need to make your porch look very busy.

A study has shown that in Belgium, parcel thieves first examine the houses where they commit their crimes for a few days. If, while spotting, the thief realizes that he has constant movements through your front door, he will avoid your home. This is because it will be difficult for them to find the perfect opportunity to steal your package before it is picked up.

Another advantage of having your porch clear is that your neighbors will also be able to have a good view of it. Package theft becomes difficult to carry out on your porch since the thief will be spotted as soon as he steps forward to take the package. Neighbours will be able to react quickly so that the thief can be apprehended or served as eyewitnesses.

Install a video doorbell

Another trick that has become increasingly popular to secure your home and prevent package theft is the installation of video doorbells. These are useful tools that also incorporate home security cameras. Among the most adopted brands offering this tool on the market, you can choose between Arlo, Nest, and Ring.

This tool offers several advantages. For example, it allows you to see a live video feed and hear what people outside your door are saying. In addition, the video doorbell allows for two-way audio. You can talk to all the visitors on your porch without going out. You will be able to give instructions to the delivery person when he comes to drop off your package.

Installing this security camera also offers other advantages. For example, the majority of thieves and burglars quickly become discouraged when they know that a home has security alarms. So, when stealing packages, if the thief sees the security camera, they will avoid your home.

Video doorbells therefore help deter the theft of packages from homes. Another advantage of this tool is that it comes with motion detectors as well as a notification system. They send you an alert to let you know when someone is on your porch while you’re away.

You will then be able to strike up a conversation with the delivery person to tell him to place the package behind a plant, a pole, in a box… And if it’s a package thief that you spot through the camera, you’ll be able to let them know they’re being filmed. This will discourage him and make him flee. It is actually a very practical device that is highly recommended.

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Deliver the parcel to your workplace

Do you have a busy schedule that makes you stay at home less? It may therefore happen that you are at work when the delivery person comes to deliver the package you ordered. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you can request that your package be sent to your business address. This choice guarantees you more security.

You will avoid being a victim of package theft. On the other hand, it will be necessary to pay attention to a few important points. One of them is that the company you work for gives its workers the option to have a personal package delivered. If your company allows it, you will be able to put your business address for delivery.

Receive your parcel in Amazon/Post Office lockers

Should you avoid placing orders online if you are in a situation where you are not at home or at work? What if what you were planning to buy was limited in number? Would you still place the order to be delivered to your porch? It is certain that you will have it stolen if the order were to be delivered to you in your absence.

To deal with this kind of situation, various options are now available to change your delivery address. You will be able to ensure the safety of your package without difficulty. One of these options is the Amazon Locker service offered by Amazon thanks to its multiple lockers placed in different places (pharmacy, convenience stores, etc.).

So you can have your package delivered to a nearby Amazon locker rather than in front of your porch while you’re away. As soon as the package is delivered to the address, you willreceive a confirmation notification. You will then only be able to pick up the package using the code that Amazon has sent you.

In fact, you need to keep the code safe so that you can use it when the time comes. It will be impossible for anyone to steal your package or examine the contents without the code received from Amazon. Your package will therefore remain safe from theft until you pick it up or send someone to pick it up for you.

Require a signature upon delivery

There is a greater risk that you will be exposed to package theft if you do not require a signature upon delivery of your order. Indeed, by leaving your package on your porch for hours while you are away, you will certainly become a target of these thieves. That’s why it’s a good idea to always ask for a signature when a package is delivered.

You must therefore be at the address provided for the delivery yourself or have a loved one wait to sign for the package. In this case, you can be sure that your package will be taken care of perfectly. In other cases, it may happen that you forget to inform the delivery person of your absence from your home.

In order to avoid making the delivery person do several rounds or to save yourself an unnecessary headache, you can simply entrust the task to your neighbor. If you trust them, you can ask them to receive the package and sign for you.

Opt for a mailbox sensor

Another tip to combat parcel theft is to opt for a mailbox sensor. This is a small device that you can attach to your mailbox. Its role is to warn you when anyone opens your mailbox. With this small device, you know when you receive your mail or when you receive another package.

The advantage with this feature is that you receive notifications at the same time as a package is delivered to you. Today, various brands in France allow you to own the device. You will even be able to pair the sensor with the home security system.

This way, you can set up the mailbox sensor with a few settings so that the sensor can give you better results. By recording video with your doorbell camera or any other security camera, you will hold proof of package theft. So you won’t have to worry even if you can’t prevent the act.

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Track your parcel – Parcel Tracking

Please note that when you place your order online, you have the option to sign up for delivery alerts. These are notifications that tell you when your package will arrive and when it will be delivered.

It’s true that not all delivery companies offer delivery tracking services. However, the most reliable ones offer them to their customers with accurate shipping information. This gives you the ability to keep track of updates regarding your package at all times.

This way, you will be able to track your parcel and know where it is at all times you want. However, during busy shipping seasons such as holidays, shipping and tracking delays may be noticed. So you don’t have to worry if this happens.

Point out the presence of a home security system

Before committing a crime, the majority of thieves often want to know if the house has a security system. According to some studies conducted in France, it is found that households with a clearly visible security system suffer almost no attacks.

By equipping your home with a security system that you will prominently display, you will be able to better secure your home. This makes it less likely that you will be the victim of a package theft from your home. To make thieves understand that your home is equipped with a security system, nothing too complicated.

One of the solutions employed is the installation of security cameras outside the house. Some home security companies also offer signs (to be installed in the front yard) notifying the presence of a security system. In the event that you lack the means, you can resort to other equally effective alternatives.

For example, you can enjoy the benefits of a home security system with fake security cameras and garden signs. This inexpensive solution will give thieves the impression that your home is equipped with a sophisticated and well-established security system. This is enough to discourage any thief from approaching your home.

Setting up secure parcel storage

In condominium buildings, parcels are kept in security offices while waiting for the parcel owner. This is usually a good way to secure packages once delivered. Nevertheless, this leaves janitors working in poor conditions. In addition, there is no guarantee that the package would not be damaged.

One proposed solution to deal with this kind of situation is to set up a secure parcel storage space. The space must be visible or covered by a video security camera with a motion detection system. The image will then need to go full screen on a large screen. So, you are sure to know every time a person approaches the storage space.

Also, if the space opens outwards, it should have a door with non-removable hinge pins. This will make it impossible to remove the door for a simple theft of packages. The door should be made of solid wood (45 mm thick) or galvanized sheet metal (45 mm thick).

Ideally, the door should also be equipped with a magnetic reader to ensure better security. With these few well-respected tips, it will be easier for you to avoid being a victim of package theft in your building.

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