Placement / Installation

Placement / Installation

Placement of all your locking systems for individuals and businesses

You want to strengthen the security of the entry points of your home or business. You are looking for effective locking solutions to deter burglars and protect your belongings. We put our professionalism and experience at your disposal. Discover all our offers in terms of locking systems and their special features.

Why choose us to install your doors?

Our company specialises in the installation and installation of all types of closures in Brussels and the surrounding area, including Schaerbeek , Berchem-Sainte-Agathe , Uccle , etc. Our locksmith installation and repair services are aimed at both households and businesses.

You can contact us to install secure locking systems or to reinforce your existing locking systems. Benefit from our expertise and rich experience. We can install for you:

  • Ordinary doors;
  • Cellar doors;
  • Garage doors;
  • Armoured doors or armoured door blocks;
  • Door grilles;
  • Metal curtains;
  • Electric shutters;
  • Anti-panic systems;
  • Portals;

Why install security doors in your home or business?

You are an individual or a company. Installing an armored door is an investment in the long term. Indeed, each year, France records about 150,000 cases of burglary. In more than 60% of cases, criminals enter buildings through the door. It is therefore important to understand that the absence of a system to secure access to buildings is a vulnerability that must be eliminated at all costs.

By installing a panic bar, a door wedge, a peephole for microvision, an armored door, you strengthen the entrance to your home and business. Armoured doors have a thick leaf made of one or more layers of steel, insulation and in some cases reinforced grilles.

The installation involves replacing your classic frame with a steel frame, which makes your door extraordinarily resistant to presser feet. Contact us for various types of security doors or door assemblies, including:

  • A pavilion door block;
  • A cellar door block;
  • A service door block;
  • A landing entrance door block;

Contact us for an efficient and fast intervention. Please note that all our work is done without impacting your walls and without dirtying your premises.

Install an armored door or armor an existing door

In addition to locksmith repair work in Brussels-Cities, we also install armoured doors and equip the doors with armouring on the inside and a multi-point lock to deter burglars.

According to the A2P standard, your lock must have at least 3 locking points. You can still opt for more security with locks that include 5 or 7 points depending on the type of building.

For people who live in condominiums, for example, the installation of a new security door will not be possible. For this fact, you have no choice but to opt for door armor.

Our craftsmen offer you two methods of armor, namely sheath armor and pivot armor. Want to know what it’s all about? Here’s a sneak peek.

The Scabbard Armor

This first shielding technique significantly improves burglary resistance. In concrete terms, it consists of using a steel sheet to reinforce the door leaves.

Obviously, we will completely insert the door into a metal sleeve in order to reinforce the safety of both the frame and the leaf. From the outside, these changes will be hardly noticeable.

Pivot armor

As for pivot shielding, it is a convenient shielding method for conventional doors. It consists of reinforcing the leaves by using a steel plate fixed vertically while consolidating the structure at the hinges. By doing so, the door becomes more resistant to break-in.

We can install all kinds of doors for you. Whether it’s wooden doors, aluminium doors, solid or glazed security doors, models with upper glazing, doors equipped with anti-burglary or anti-hinge systems, automatic closing systems, etc., you can trust us.

Depending on your functional needs, choose doors that open outwards or inwards or opt for models with high or low ventilation, for your cellar for example.

When it comes to the choice of locks, you will have the choice between recessed locks and surface-mounted models with handles of all varieties.

Why install a door with glazing?

For your armoured door assembly, we suggest that you reinforce its mechanical resistance by equipping it with high-security glazing. Thus, the door will resist deformations, bullets, knocks, etc. This is because the glazing panel is made of laminated glass with a very high thickness and bonded to each other by PVB films.

With this type of construction, even in the event of breakage, the glazing does not shatter, whether tempered glass or laminated glass. The quality of the bond between the shield and the glazing is such that the glass cannot be extracted from the assembly. It can also be an opportunity to transform your single glazing into double glazing or triple glazing.

Even if a thief were to knock the door to the point of breaking the glass, the glass remains in place. The structure remains united and continues to play its safety role while protecting the occupants of the house from injury.

The other advantage with glazing is that it has good thermal performance and good acoustic performance. For aesthetic reasons, don’t hesitate to ask for patterned glazing, matt or clear glazing, etc. The finish will depend on the style of the home and your aesthetic needs.

Why contact us to install your garage door?

Want to install a garage door? Great idea. This equipment will be perfect to make your home more attractive, modern, comfortable and secure while increasing its market value. You will have the choice between:

  • An up-and-over garage door;
  • A side sectional door;
  • A roll-up or folding door;
  • A sliding door;
  • A steel door;
  • An aluminium door;
  • A wooden door;
  • A PVC door;
  • An electrically powered or manually opening door;

But how do you go about it? Garage doors are very heavy by nature. During installation, you may injure or damage it.

In fact, a garage door weighs almost 100 kg. To move and handle it, you need not only the right skills, but also the materials and time needed for the task.

In other words, it is better for you that you entrust the installation to a professional. Indeed, the risk of error is very high with a garage door. The slightest mistake can affect the tightness of the door, the performance of its insulation and accelerate the wear of the door.

On the other hand, in principle, as soon as you buy a garage door with an installation service, you benefit from some additional guarantees. If a technical problem arises, you have the possibility to benefit from a number of facilities.

However, if you do the installation yourself and make mistakes during the installation that damage the door, you always lose the warranty. On the other hand, it is possible that you want to motorize your door.

In this case, the electrical installation will have to be touched. And for this, it is advisable to entrust the installation to a professional. Note that using a skilled craftsman will also make you eligible for the VAT rate reduction, which will reduce the overall amount of your expenses.

By entrusting us with the installation of your garage door, for example, we take into account the exact dimensions of your garage in order to deliver a fully custom-made door.

In addition, we provide you with our after-sales service, maintenance and repair service. When the time comes to change the engine, you will be able to benefit from our services at preferential rates.

Why install roller shutters in your home?

You don’t need emergency repairs in Brussels-Cities? Do you need to install roller shutters at home? That’s a great idea. This will make it easier for you to adjust the brightness in your rooms during the day. We can help you make the best choice. We offer all types of roller shutters. You will have the choice between:

  • Electric or manual roller shutters;
  • PVC or aluminium roller shutters;
  • Roller shutters reinforced with polyurethane foam;

So the question is, which type of roller shutters would be most suitable for your home or business. First of all, to operate a conventional electric roller shutter, you simply need to activate the associated interrupt, since it is connected to the motor and the power supply. It is a very easy to install shutter model and very simple programming as well.

Some models work with a button that can be pressed to open or close the shutters. This is convenient for closing all the shutters at the same time. However, it will be necessary to think about providing a manual system in case of a power cut.

For those who wish, we also install remote-controlled electric shutters. These models are equipped with radio technology and a motor that incorporates a signal receiver. So, thanks to the dedicated remote control, you can open and close your shutters remotely.

For green enthusiasts, ecological solutions are also possible. These are roller shutters with a battery that is recharged by a solar panel. Their motor performs actions according to the instructions of the radio receiving system that equips them. In short, it is a stand-alone solution that is very simple to install, maintain or repair.

While it is possible to opt for either manual or motorized shutters, it is important to note that electric shutters are more interesting in the context of a project. Indeed, you can perfectly integrate these types of shutters into your home automation project for both simple and maximum protection.

In any case, it is important to note that the slats offer a double wall that facilitates the insertion of insulation, which reinforces the thermal performance of the assembly. Moreover, installing roller shutters as part of a renovation project will allow you to benefit from a certain number of financial aids, namely the tax credit, the energy bonus, etc.

Can you install roller shutters on all types of windows?

When installing roller shutters on windows, the result usually depends on the construction of the windows. Whether they are made of wood, aluminum, PVC, etc., there must be a space in the joinery in which the roller shutter can be installed.

Thus, the installation of roller shutters on windows that are flush with the walls will not be able to give a very aesthetic rendering. Even if the installation can be simple and quick with the right frame, the final result may not really be as attractive as we would have liked.

However, the installation of roller shutters can be perfectly adapted to the plate of sliding or extra-large windows. Obviously, it should be noted that above a certain dimension, technical constraints could be imposed.

The material used to make the shutters is one of these constraints. For large dimensions, aluminium will tend to be more suitable than PVC for the installation of roller shutters.

If you are interested in motorization, you will necessarily need to entrust the work to a qualified professional who is able to install the assembly so that the winding and unwinding mechanism works smoothly and without any hiccups.

In addition, with a professional, you can be sure that you will benefit from advice during the choice of the type of shutter, the suitable configuration and the type of motor adapted to the installation location. Then the ball is in your court.


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