Project / Site Management

Project / Site Management

Project management / Construction site in Brussels: call on Doors Center

Would you like to start a locksmith project in Brussels ? Contact Doors Center immediately. By choosing our company specialized in doors, windows and frames, you entrust your project to carpenters recognized as guarantors of the environment. As soon as possible, we will take all the measurements and draw up a tailor-made quote. Whether it’s renovation or construction projects, our locksmith company located in Brussels remains available to meet the expectations of each customer. Thanks to Doors Center, you will benefit from customized financing solutions. We will help you benefit from the subsidies set up by the state for a renovation grant if you meet the criteria. Contacting Doors Center in Brussels means ensuring the feasibility and smooth running of your project’s work.

Project management for the installation of security doors in Brussels

Do you have a project to install security doors in your house or business in Uccle (municipality of Brussels )? Call Doors Center immediately. This professional will provide you with a clear and very beneficial solution.

Today, it is clear that many people tend to believe that armoured doors are useless in homes in Brussels. Be aware that all of these claims are particularly false. In fact, by using a project to install security doors in your home, you are indirectly protecting each dwelling in that home in Waterloo . To achieve this with complete peace of mind, the ideal would be to contact Doors Center. The carpenters working in this company are considered to be the best in the business to complete your security door installation project. Each of them is competent to offer you the best advice in the field of carpentry. By opting for our services, you will be sure to benefit from certified locks and security doors. These include those that fully meet current safety standards.

By calling Doors Center in Brussels, you will not regret your choice since each armored door installed by our carpenter craftsman will offer you the following advantages:

  • Securing your home, your belongings and the occupants: the armoured doors installed by our carpenters will considerably delay the break-in and discourage burglars.
  • Benefit from an absolute gain in comfort: combined with windows and roller shutters, the armoured doors installed by our carpenters offer excellent thermal insulation. Likewise, these are waterproof, waterproof, and weatherproof. No heat loss will be recorded. At the same time, you will benefit from a big energy saving, accompanied by a remarkable sound attenuation.
  • Have high-security locking systems:
  • Benefit from several finishes and colors to best satisfy your tastes.

In light of all this information, Doors Center remains one of the best solutions to bring optimal security to your homes. Thanks to its carpenters, you will strengthen the security of your home. This is one of the best ways to get the best benefits from insurance.

Garage door installation project management in Brussels

Would you like to set up a garage door installation project in your home? Call Doors Center. We have carpenters capable of offering you the best skills in all carpentry work. By contacting Doors Center for your garage door installation project, you are guaranteed that the work will be carried out.

Indeed, our carpenter will first take the dimensions. He will take all the necessary precautions since those of the garage doors vary considerably, especially in older homes. However, poorly sized joinery is particularly unusable. Likewise, they tend not to offer sufficient protection against bad weather and burglary. If you don’t contact Doors Center for your project, you may end up with an improperly installed garage door. This will not allow you to benefit from the advantages of the manufacturer’s warranty. However, when you entrust the garage door installation project to Doors Center, our carpenter specialized in this sector will take care of:

  • Take the measurements and size well so that you have a custom-made garage door;
  • Identify the type of garage door according to your budget and needs;
  • Choose the right motorization system for the garage door;
  • Provide advice on possible tax reductions;
  • To allow you to benefit from guarantees on both the material and the installation;

In addition, you should know that the carpenter craftsman at Doors Center will give you safety advice regarding compliance with the regulations. This could include, for example, the choice of colours so that you comply with the local urban plan.

Project management for the installation of fire doors in Brussels

By choosing to install your fire door by Doors Center in Brussels , you are trusting a professional who puts safety first. Each fire door at your disposal has exceptional features capable of slowing down the spread of a fire. It also has high levels of performance in terms of protection and insulation.

Thanks to Doors Center, you will benefit from fire entry doors specifically designed in the EN 1634-1 standard. Likewise, each of their constructions impeccably complies with the rules issued by Efectis (an independent body specialized in the evaluation of the performance of fire and any construction element). By using Doors Center in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (municipality of Brussels), you will benefit from several advantages as follows:

  • Sound attenuation: Doors Center provides you with fire-rated entrance doors with a sound attenuation rating of 40 dB. Thanks to these, the occupants of the home will benefit from optimal protection against noise pollution from outside the home.
  • Thermal insulation: The fire entrance doors provided by Doors Center have the best performance in the field of thermal insulation. Each of them has an UP coefficient of 0.75 W/m2 By using Doors Center, you are sure to limit heat loss at the level of your front doors as much as possible
  • Custom finishes: Doors Center fire-rated entrance doors allow you to have maximum customization of your interiors. Thanks to it, you will be able to benefit from the finishes that can be adapted to your tastes. For example, we are able to offer you a wooden, aluminium or PVC cladding for the sash and the frame. We also offer you the option of giving your door sets classic or more contemporary looks. As for accessories, don’t hesitate to choose between chrome or brass. Whatever your desires, Doors Center will know exactly what to do to meet your requirements. So don’t hesitate to contact our carpentry company to customize your wrists, crutches or micro-viewfinder according to your preferences.

Management of the project for the installation of electrical shutters in Brussels

Today, it is clear that many people want to start installing carpentry accessories such as electric shutters themselves. To achieve this, you must necessarily have the resources and skills worthy of a professional. However, by hiring a carpentry company, you are sure to have exceptional works.

Whether it’s renovation or construction projects, Doors Center is the best solution for you to benefit from exceptional electric shutters. Being RGE certified (recognized as a guarantor of the environment), this carpentry company will allow you to benefit from several significant advantages. Indeed, thanks to our status, you will benefit from the

  • Financial aid for the installation of a joinery offering thermal insulation. It is impossible to qualify for this by installing your electric shutters yourself. Don’t hesitate to call Doors Center to take advantage of the state’s share of subsidies to finance part of your thermal insulation work.
  • Precise advice for a better custom installation: Doors Center expertise allows this carpentry company to advise you on the different installations to be preferred according to the model chosen and the type of windows (fixed, casement, sliding, etc.).

Thanks to Doors Center, you can ensure the smooth running of your sliding shutter installation project. Each installation carried out by our carpenter will be done in accordance with the rules in force. You won’t run any risk of falling out of order by entrusting the installation of sliding shutters to our carpentry company.

Project management of glass door installation in Brussels

Do you have a project to install glass doors in Brussels ? Doors Center is particularly the professional who can respond to the design of these custom carpentry equipment. Our carpentry company has qualified RGE craftsmen capable of shaping the glass while conforming to the desires and needs of the customers. Indeed, each of our craftsmen has an increased knowledge of the different types of glazing and their advantages. By sharing your project with us, our professionals will be able to provide you with glass doors that perfectly suit your expectations.

The glaziers at Doors Center are also familiar with the combination of glass with other materials. Specifically, they can combine it with PVC, aluminum, or wood. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to carry out your high-end glass door installation project. To achieve this, our specialists will use resistant, insulating and burglar-proof glass. Whether it’s single or double glazing, Doors Center has the right equipment to complete any project. Thanks to its large-scale designs, you will be able to limit burglaries as much as possible since each of our works complies with current security standards.

By contacting Doors Center, you will also benefit from a good interior design. Our team, made up entirely of specialists, can intervene quickly at your home to take charge and carry out your projects with complete peace of mind. So don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and call Doors Center directly to benefit from the exceptional and extraordinary works.

Carpentry Project Management: How Does Doors Center Do It?

Whether it’s renovation or construction, carpentry work plays an important role. Their usefulness is essential both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. If you want to benefit from a better management of your carpentry project in Brussels, the ideal would be to contact Doors Center. Such a choice will be quite advantageous to you since this carpentry company will provide you with quality carpenter craftsmen. Each of them has the necessary skills to guarantee the thermal and sound insulation of the house. With Doors Center, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises during the realization of your carpentry project. Here are the different steps we put at your disposal for better satisfaction:

From imagination to reality

Well before you start the work, it is important that you know exactly what you want. To achieve this, Doors Center will provide you with a qualified expert. They will ask you questions to determine what you really want in your woodworking project. All these precautions are put in place in order to better realize your desires, tastes and needs.

Drawing up a sketch

After making your project a reality, Doors Center will focus on the desired object. Whether it’s doors, attics, locks or windows, our company will put everything in place to determine the location and role of each carpentry equipment. To be more precise, we will make sketches and plans of each door and window to be installed in your home so that you have an overview before the design of the furniture. Such a practice will be advantageous since you will be able to make the changes for a more suitable project. At the same time, our specialists will put everything in place to respect your budget and the time allotted for the completion of the carpentry work.

Assembly and assembly

After cutting each piece according to the dimensions, the carpenters working in our department will start assembling. Depending on the result you are looking for and the type of material used, they will take care of screwing and assembling by trunnion or using wood nails.


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