Why choose an electric roller shutter?

Why choose an electric roller shutter?

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Electric roller shutters are modern installations that are of great use for the home. They bring both aesthetics and security to the home. These are significant aspects that drive many homeowners to choose this facility. Here are the different reasons why you should opt for an electric roller shutter.

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Reducing insecurity

One of the first benefits of an electric roller shutter is the reduction of insecurity in the home. Indeed, with this device, it is difficult for thieves to break into your home to attempt a burglary. First of all, the electric roller shutter is equipped with an effective device against picking. It is therefore impossible for an outsider to infiltrate the house in this way.

Secondly, the electric roller shutter has an automatic locking system. This is triggered as soon as an intrusion attempt is made into the window. Finally, it is an installation that is programmed to avoid accidents with users, both when opening and closing.

Ease of use

The electric roller shutter is known to be much easy during use. This means that people of all ages can install it in their homes. This is a big change from the manual intervention that had to be done on the windows. By using the electric roller shutter, you no longer need to make a lot of effort. It can be raised or lowered by the motor that is installed in the device.

The opening and closing operation can be done remotely thanks to a switch associated with the installation. It can also be scheduled to take place at specific times of the day. This way, even if you’re exhausted, you can get the shutters up and running.

Increased thermal and sound insulation

The electric roller shutter not only reduces the risk of burglary. It is a good device to increase the thermal and sound insulation of the house. This is a detail that the designers have put a lot of effort into. During the winter, the electric roller shutter limits energy losses and thus maintains heat.

In the same way, it allows you to have a softer night, thanks to its ability to dissipate noises coming from outside. Its installation also ensures the reduction of glances to see what is going on in your home. Depending on your wishes, you can opt for the electric roller shutter with these two features, or one in particular.

Do you want a free and tailor-made quote for your electric roller shutter?

The good resistance of the device

In addition to providing comfort to the occupants of the house, the electric roller shutter from doors-center is resistant. This is because it is a device that is designed with good quality materials. The electrical system remains functional during all seasons of the year. The electric roller shutter will be more resistant when it corresponds well to the architecture of the home. When it comes to the main material, you have the choice of aluminium and PVC.

The PVC electric roller shutter

PVC is a material used for the design of an electric roller shutter. It is known for its longevity over time, which it also gives to the entire installation. However, this material is not recommended for a large shutter, as the larger the size, the less resistant it is. Finally, PVC lasts much longer when it is regularly maintained.

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The electric aluminium roller shutter

Aluminium is one of the most widely used materials for an electric roller shutter. In terms of solidity and longevity, it offers all the necessary guarantees to enjoy the installation. That’s why it’s ideal for an electric roller shutter that will cover a large space. Unlike PVC, aluminum does not require much maintenance.

The purchase price and aesthetics

Apart from the previous advantages, the electric roller shutter offers a cost within the reach of those who wish to have it. Indeed, to have this device in your home, you need to plan at least 300 euros. This price can increase significantly if you want to make some changes. This also takes into account the material used to design the electric roller shutter.

The observed aesthetics is another positive point of the device. The latter is suitable for those who like simplicity. In fact, it is possible to choose a colour at the time of installation so that it goes hand in hand with the decoration. All these elements are enough to say that the electric roller shutter is a good choice for your home.


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