Locksmith service

Locksmith service

Emergency Troubleshooting for Your Doors, Shutters and Locks:

A broken or lost key? A burglary? Did your door slam shut and forgot the key on the other side of the lock?

The needs of emergency troubleshooting are as many as they are varied. In case of need for emergency assistance in Brussels , Woluwe-Saint-Lambert , Uccle , Waterloo etc.

Trust the expertise and professionalism of our locksmith technicians. We will reach you as soon as possible for a quick emergency response 24/7 and thus restore your comfort and safety.

After the intervention, we offer you an after-sales service to follow up on the case of all our customers and thus prevent locksmith/security inconveniences in the future.

Locks: what are the common breakdowns?

With locks, you’re never safe from a breakdown forever. Indeed, whether it is a cylinder lock or a hook lock, lock mechanisms are subject to various malfunctions. Here are some of the most common lock problems.

The mechanism of the hardened lock? Contact us for lock maintenance.

Hardening of your lock mechanism is usually caused by the entry of abrasive material, dust, sand, etc., into the mechanism. In some cases, it’s simply a lack of maintenance.

When locks are not regularly maintained, the cylinder loses its lubrication and begins to work with more difficulty. This problem can also be noted if you never hire a locksmith in Brussels to maintain your lock. From, even, if you almost never use a lock, whether it’s a hook lock, a dormant lock, a cylinder lock, or a regular lock.

When faced with this kind of difficulty, don’t force the key. You may damage the mechanism and have to pay more for a door repair or placement. For those who are in Brussels or nearby cities, contact us for a service adapted to your type of doors, cylinder or fittings or to help you
to unblock them in a hurry.

Has your door slammed? Our locksmiths are at your service.

A slammed door is very common. In principle, there is no technical cause for this problem because it is not a lock problem per se. The problem is that the latch bolt of the lock is mounted on the spring.

As soon as the door closes and the key has remained on the other side of the lock, you cannot open it from the outside. That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to provide a pedal door stopper, a cork door stop, a half-moon door stop, a magnetic door stop or a suction cup door stop.

This kind of situation can waste your time and your temper. Some will tell you to try disabling the latch bolt to release the strike by inserting an X-ray sheet between the lock and the doorframe.

But these breakdowns are perfect unforeseen events. It’s not easy to find an X-ray sheet right now. The best solution is to hire a professional. This saves you time.

Has your key broken?

Just when you want to close the door, the key breaks and stays in the lock. You can’t use another key and you can’t leave the door as it is. What to do under these conditions? If you are in Brussels or the surrounding area, please contact us for emergency assistance.

Lost your key?

It’s the end of the day. You’ve come in, but you can’t get into your house because you can’t find your key.

No need to kick down your door. Call locksmiths if you are in Brussels or the surrounding area. We will open the door without damaging anything and make you a second key as soon as possible.

Is your key spinning in a vacuum or snagging?

Lack of lock maintenance can lead to various types of locksmith problems. For example, you may notice that your key is snagging, spinning in a vacuum, or making a play.

These are usually simple problems that can be fixed by adjustment, filing or lubrication. In fact, locks are complex in nature. Because you operate them every day, you need to maintain them from time to time to prevent breakdowns from occurring at the wrong time.

If your lock has these problems, call us, no matter where you are in Brussels and the surrounding area. We will reach you as soon as possible to get you out of this situation.

A lockout issue?

Locking problems are usually caused by a malfunction in the pin or latch, especially when the lock latch moves apart. They will no longer be able to enter the space provided for this purpose. On the other side, it is possible that the pin will no longer fit into the hole, because its hinges are loose.

In general, we encounter this kind of situation when we have gotten into the habit of closing our door with too violent and sudden movements. If such a problem surprises you, contact us for a quick and efficient start in Brussels .

Are your roller shutters stuck?

Does the opening and closing mechanism of your shutters rotate in a vacuum? Did his blades break? Is the blade stuck? Is the crank broken? Could it be the slide that went off center or an engine failure? To find out, you need to call in a professional. We are at your disposal at all times, even for problems related to single glazing, double glazing, triple glazing, etc.

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Troubleshooting Needs?

We are a company that specializes in emergency interventions on your locks, doors and shutters. With a very responsive and efficient team, we meet all your emergency breakdown needs throughout the territory of Brussels and in the immediate surroundings.

So we are always available. 24/7 for your emergency repairs, give us a call. Our teams are always ready to respond to future requests. You can also call on us to:

  • All cases of broken door, blocked door, squeaky door, hard-to-open door;
  • All cases of emergency repair of locks;
  • Any problems related to an industrial door, security door, etc. ;
  • Installing or replacing locks in homes or business buildings;
  • The installation of armoured doors or garage doors;
  • Repair or replacement of doors or door hinges;
  • The installation of doors, shutters and locks in new constructions or in the case of renovations;
  • The installation of double or triple glazing;
  • Installation of safety glass, such as laminated glass, tempered glass,…
  • Etc.

More than a job, emergency repair is our passion. Whether you are in Saint-Gilles, Uccle , Saint-Josse-ten-Noode , Schaerbeek or Ixelles , we can come to you very quickly. We guarantee an impeccable and fast intervention.

For all your emergencies related to the malfunction of a system or installation, call us. Our team of professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help you take control of the situation.

Emergency troubleshooting: how to avoid unpleasant surprises?

The first question that arises with emergency troubleshooting is the need to find an efficient and honest locksmith . How do I find this professional? Get closer to your neighbours or co-workers. If they have already had to use the services of a serious and efficient craftsman, they do not hesitate to give you his contact.

However, make sure that it is a craftsman who will not have to travel several kilometres before reaching your home, because then he will add his travel expenses to his bill.

For those who live in buildings, the condominium manager can put you in touch with a competent professional. If necessary, you should also contact the assistance of your multi-risk home insurance company so that a craftsman can be recommended to you. If possible, you can request coverage of the expenses related to the intervention.

In fact, it is very important to avoid using people who do undeclared work, i.e. who are not legally recognized as carrying out the activity. With these types of benefits, you lose your right to recourse regardless of the situation that arises.

Before the professional’s intervention

Before any locksmith repair, maintenance, repair or installation intervention, discuss the price with the service provider. In fact, the rates are set freely. So, you need to take the time to compare quotes.

Don’t be fooled by pitfalls such as low travel or labor costs. Often, you will pay the price of the service and the price of the labor.

Regardless of the type of service, ask them to give you a quote before starting the work. The document must indicate, among other things, the current date, the name and address of the craftsman as well as yours, details of the parts, materials and services required, including travel expenses, with precision of their unit price.

The quote should also indicate if it is a free quote (at Doors Center all quotes are free). Note that the quote is a contract. It must be written in duplicate and signed by you and your provider.

If a locksmith you have hired cleverly wants to start the work by giving you explanations without first giving you the quote, ask for the quote and ask him to leave if he refuses to give it to you. Don’t hesitate to pay for their travel expenses if they require it. This is better than having to bear an exorbitant bill or a poorly executed service.

During and after the professional’s intervention

In principle, as soon as you have signed the quote, you lose your right of withdrawal during the intervention, especially with regard to work and spare parts.

However, if after signing the quote, the craftsman sells you a product or part that has nothing to do with the service for which you signed the quote, you have the right to withdraw.

In addition, it is important to note that the presentation of an invoice is an obligation as soon as the total of the invoice exceeds 25 euros. The invoice must include the date of writing, the name of the service provider and its address, your name (unless opposed) and the place of the intervention, details of the work and products supplied or sold, with mention of the unit prices and the total amount to be paid.

You have the option to request a downward revision of the cost if:

  • the service was not properly performed;
  • one of the works provided for in the quotation has not been carried out;
  • the deadline for the intervention was not met;
  • damage has been caused during the intervention;
  • Etc

These arguments are valid and may force the professional to revise his billing downwards if you consider it too high comparatively.

When it comes to payment, payment by bank transfer is ideal, as it allows you to have a digital record of the transaction. If, however, you prefer to pay in cash, ask the professional to give you a receipt with the correct information.

In fact, the law allows the craftsman to claim payment of the invoice from you over a period of up to 2 years. You should therefore keep proof of payment for this period and even beyond to prove that you have already settled in the event of a dispute.


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