The Sectional Garage Door

The Sectional Garage Door

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Your garage door isn’t just a piece of metal that protects things in the garage. It is essential to choose a garage door that improves the visual appeal, safety and energy performance of your home. The sectional garage door has many advantages and is a great choice for your home in Belgium or Luxembourg. It is reliable, aesthetic and functional with very impactful opening systems . Highly versatile, it can fit into almost any type of garage.

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  • What is a sectional garage door?
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What is a sectional garage door?

The sectional garage door is made up of several panels that open vertically and are parallel to the ceiling of your garage when they are in the open position. It travels along rails placed on the side and ceiling of your garage. Each panel is connected by hinges, spacers, and studs. The door is operated by high-tension torsion springs and is usually equipped with an opening device that allows you to open and close the door using a remote control.

Sectional Garage Door Installation Image

Detailed Operation of Sectional Garage Door

The sectional garage door is a real asset for those who own them. It has some very interesting features.

Similar to an overhead door

The sectional garage door works in much the same way as an overhead garage door. Its apron, the rectangular part made up of panels, is arranged at the level of the ceiling. The difference with an overhead door is that the panels of the sectional door are hinged (in sections), hence the name ” sectional “.

The adjacent panels are connected to each other by hinges. Each of the panels is also connected to a rail that acts as a guide, through a roller-shaped bearing.

The panel apron is compensated by springs

Often composed of 4 panels, the apron has a significant weight. This can reach several hundred kilos, depending on the width. To compensate for the weight of the door leaf, the door is made up of springs (torsion or pull) adjusted so that the weight of the door leaf is almost zero.

This makes it possible to open the garage door manually, without difficulty. In the motorized version, the motor has only a very low effort to provide (24V motor). The drive can therefore perform a very large number of opening and closing cycles. When properly adjusted and maintained, this type of door has a very long service life.

The sectional garage door: a highly customizable option

People who opt for a sectional garage door can choose from a wide range of variations. Before we even talk about choices based on design or aesthetics, let’s take a quick look at the practical options.

First of all, we have the gate, which is still called “the service door”. The advantage of the latter is to allow easy access to the garage in pedestrian mode. You can also choose to make other openings in the door (portholes, cat flap, mailbox, etc.).

When it comes to motorization, it’s up to you to choose whether to motorize the door or not. An electric sectional door offers you many possibilities in addition to those that already exist: flashing lights, remote controls, sets of photocells, etc.

Sectional Garage Door Opening Image

The aesthetic possibilities of the sectional door

When it comes to aesthetic customization, the sectional garage door is second to none. The customization possibilities of this door are virtually endless.

First of all, there are many types of panels, more or less modern. The smooth panel, for example, is very stylish and lends itself well to modern homes. The cassette panel, on the other hand, is more traditional.

In terms of colours, it is possible to lacquer each panel of the sectional door according to the RAL palette, with hundreds of colours available. For the finish, there are also many possibilities (sand, granite).

Once the apron is designed, we come to the decorative options. For example, stainless steel cutouts can be used to dress the garage door to give it a very modern and original look. Adhesive stickers can also be used for this option.

The Extraordinary Customization Options of the Sectional Garage Door

In addition to common customization solutions, there are even more extravagant ways to customize your sectional garage door.

You can opt for a flush door with cladding that blends completely into the décor of the façade. For this customization choice, the door is placed in a tunnel between the two walls of the bay. You can choose the cladding you like, including natural wood and continuous aluminium planks.

There is also another original option: the sectional garage door with direct printing. A high-definition print can be made on each panel. You can put any artwork you want on your garage door apron.

One last exceptional possibility of customizing a sectional garage door is to opt for an XXL model. Large sectional garage door models can be up to 13 m wide.

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The Advantages of Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are well-known garage doors in Europe. If this type of door is so adopted, it is probably for good reasons. We work in Belgium and Luxembourg for all your door problems.

Sectional Garage Door Picture

A sectional garage door is a real space-saver

An important advantage of sectional garage doors is that they allow you to truly optimize space. Unlike other types of garage doors, sectional models are always flush with the garage walls, whether they are open or closed.

If you have a narrow driveway, a sectional garage door will come in handy to allow you to park closer to the door while still being able to open and close it.

Since the garage door is parallel to the ceiling when open, there is more side space in the garage. This way, you won’t have any difficulty parking your car there, regardless of its size.

Sectional garage doors are versatile and attractive

Sectional garage doors can be used for any home. Whether your home is traditional, modern or classic, a sectional garage door will perfectly match your interior.

Sectional garage doors are available in several different colors and with many panel styles. The options are almost endless. You can opt for a solid color or a wood grain finish. You can also choose to install window inserts.

Manual or electric garage door opening system

When you decide to install a sectional garage door in your home, you have the choice between an automatic door opener or a manual system. Most people choose the automatic door opener, but some still prefer to open their garage door the old-fashioned way.

The garage door motorization system is a real asset that transforms the user experience. It has proven itself for several types of garage doors:

  • Swinging garage door?;
  • Sliding garage door?;
  • Folding garage door (or roll-up garage door or roll-up garage door);
  • Etc.

The comfort of use of a motorized garage door, added to its good insulation and weather resistance, makes it a more than preferred choice.

Sectional Garage Door Closure Image

A sectional garage door is never a bad investment

A new garage door is a wise investment for a homeowner. Choosing a sectional garage door for your home will improve visual appeal and attract attention, while keeping potential invaders away with their excellent level of security.

Sectional Garage Doors Are Reliable

You want your garage door to work perfectly in all circumstances. Many homeowners have garage doors that are worn, difficult to open and close, or don’t work at all. With a sectional model, you can be sure that your garage door will work properly for many years to come.

Even if something goes wrong, sectional garage doors can be repaired quickly. If any of the panels need to be resurfaced, simply call a sectional garage door technician and your door will be repaired.

If the lock is not working properly, a sectional garage door locksmith can also make the necessary repairs to get your garage door back to working properly.

On other garage doors, such as overhead or side sliding doors, the door can detach more easily from the track. When something goes wrong, the entire door becomes inoperative. This is not the case with a sectional garage door.

Because sectional garage doors work with multiple pivot points, they provide excellent security. Each panel is bonded to the center track of the garage door, making them very difficult to force open.

Maintenance of sectional garage doors in Belgium and Luxembourg

Residential sectional garage doors have many parts (rollers, springs and hinges, etc.). Annual maintenance is essential to ensure that all parts continue to perform their function. You can contact your functional garage door installer Belgium to find out what steps you need to take to ensure the maintenance of your garage door.

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Sectional Garage Door Materials

Different materials can be used to make a sectional garage door. Each of these materials has its advantages.

Steel sectional garage doors

Steel sectional garage doors are valued for their customization flexibility, durability, and overall quality. They require less maintenance than many of their counterparts, but they are also susceptible to corrosion and rust in certain climates.

Wooden sectional garage doors

Add timeless elegance to your home by installing a sectional wooden garage door. Although this type of door requires a higher initial cost, the customization possibilities it offers prove to be interesting for homeowners who are looking for a personalized and unique style. Wooden sectional garage doors require regular maintenance and should be considered when choosing the material of the garage door.

Fiberglass sectional garage doors

Fiberglass garage doors are a great choice for people who are looking for the look of natural wood without the maintenance requirements of wood sectional doors.

Fiberglass sectional garage doors mimic the look of real wood, but they won’t shrink, crack, rot, or warp. They come in many design options, including different styles, colors, and textures.

Aluminum sectional garage doors

Aluminium sectional doors are a great design asset. Their eye-catching modern and industrial look can be customized to suit any style. Aluminum sectional garage doors are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion and require little maintenance.

Closed sectional garage door image

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Are you interested in sectional door garage door?! You can take the step by requesting the sectional garage door quote from our sectional garage door assembly team in Belgium or Luxembourg. We will give you the price of the sectional garage door you have chosen after we have analyzed your expectations.

We have earned a reputation as a quality provider thanks to the quality of our interventions and service. Our effective and legal methods raise the bar in the garage door industry and prove to be preferred by customers and consumers alike.

We also provide an emergency garage door opening service in Luxembourg and Belgium 24/7. Our specialists are available every day to answer all your questions and schedule the appropriate service for your needs.

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