The fire  door: everything you need to know

The fire  door: everything you need to know

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Whether it’s a forgotten pot on a stove, lit candles near flammable objects or an iron forgotten on a shirt, man’s daily life is exposed to many fire hazards. When a flammable material is nearby, the spread of flames becomes increasingly important and very fast in the house. To avoid such a situation, the ideal would be to install fire doors. What is the valuable information to be gained from such a proposal? The answer is to be found in the following lines.

Talking Points

  • Fire door: What is it?
  • What materials are used in the design of fire doors?
  • What are the characteristics of fire doors?
  • Fire doors: why they are so important
  • Fire doors: how much do you need to buy them?
  • Firewall door: what are some criteria for choosing one?

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Fire door: What is it?

Fire doors are considered to be those specifically designed to act against fires. They are also known as the “technical door”. By way of illustration, these include the armoured door, cellar door, landing door, insulated door, etc.

Indeed, fire doors play several roles, two of which are the main ones:

  • This type of door prevents fires and limits the spread of flames in the building.
  • The fire door also has the ability to partition and divide the area affected by flames. Thanks to this type of door, the place where the fire occurs will be compartmentalized. This is also one of the best ways to limit the spread of flames as much as possible.

In addition, the safety of a home’s occupants remains at the heart of the installation of a fire door. This type of door ensures the safety of people against fires while waiting for the arrival of the fire brigade. In addition, it is important to note that a fire door is not a magic device. Be aware that it does not have the ability to extinguish flames. These include a fire extinguishing device that is described as passive. Specifically, this security door helps prevent flames from reaching neighboring rooms or buildings since it has good fire resistance.

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What materials are used in the design of fire doors?

Fire doors are designed with several types of materials. The composition is as follows:

  • A non-combustible composite core;
  • Metal (galvanized steel or armored steel door);
  • Hardwood trim (solid wood or exotic wood doors).

What are the characteristics of fire doors?

Regardless of the type of fire door, the characteristics remain practically the same. Whether it is a front door or an interior door, this carpentry equipment is equipped with automatic closing. The latter can block a fire door in the closed position in the event of a fire alarm sounding. Although you have the option to open it, be aware that it will close automatically. Such a feature prevents flames from developing and spreading throughout the building.

The fire resistance of a security door is calculated according to its thickness. The thicker a fire door is, the more stubborn its reaction to fire. Anyone who wants to have metal doors with a better fire resistance should definitely turn to thicker carpentry equipment.

As mentioned earlier, fire doors are made of flammable materials. It is also important that the frame is made of the same composite. In addition, the fire door is usually surrounded by a tumescent joint. Specifically, the seal automatically inflates when the temperature reaches certain degrees (200°C). This provides better protection against fire as it ensures a better seal between the fire door and its frame.

On the locksmith’s side, fire doors have an emergency exit device or an anti-panic bar. In addition, the handles, hinges and locks that make up the security device are sold with the door. This allows us to have a very effective automatic closing and anti-panic system. Similarly, the lock on entrance doors or fire-rated garage doors must have good security (AP2).

During the installation of a fire door, individuals and professionals are subject to a ticket. The latter makes it possible to certify the conformity of this carpentry equipment to their building. Similarly, the report resulting from the installation of the fire door can be declared to the insurance company. All these precautions are put in place in order to guarantee the safety of the occupants of the buildings in the event of a fire.

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Fire doors: why are they so important?

Also known as a firewall, a fire door provides preventive protection against fire. Self-closing, it must be able to close from the outside and without any external effort if opened. Today, fire doors come in a wide range of fire certifications. By way of illustration, it can be cited:

  • PF 3h;
  • PF 4h;
  • PF 6h.

The abbreviation “PF” stands for “flame arrestor”. On the other hand, the number represents the duration of the fire door’s flame resistance in the event of a fire. Take for example PF 3h. Doors with this certification can withstand the flames of fires for at least 3 hours. Apart from protection against the spread of fire, fire doors are also considered to be smoke-proof, burglar-proof and soundproof (sound attenuation) carpentry equipment.

Compared to the standard ones, there are several sizes of firewall doors. By way of illustration, it can be cited:

  • Standard fire doors;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Swinging doors;
  • Overhead doors;
  • Armoured fire doors;
  • Metal door and window frames
  • Etc.

However, whether or not a fire door needs to be installed varies depending on the type of building. The necessity remains mandatory, especially when it comes to condominiums, high-rise buildings, establishments open to the public, etc.

In addition, you should know that fire protection in a building is particularly important. With a firewall door, here are some advantages to enjoy:

  • Prevent spread in the event of a fire;
  • Protect emergency exits;
  • Provide faster access to firefighters and to the source of the fire;
  • Etc.
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Fire doors: classification according to standards

Today, in French regions, fire doors tend to follow 2 types of classification. These include French and European standards.

The French classification of fire doors

Regarding the French classification, the designers of fire doors use the following letters:

  • SF: Designated “Fire Stable”, this indicates that the door retains its mechanical resistance in the event of a fire.
  • PF: Flame arrestor, this indicates the stability of the fire door and what limits the spread of flames.
  • CF: referred to as “Fire Stop”, this indicates that this joinery equipment is a flame arrestor door. It prevents the spread of fire and toxic gases in the building.

Also, be aware that the letters quoted above are followed by the numbers. This usually represents the fire resistance of the door. It generally varies from 15 minutes to 6 hours. For example, you will find on the market:

  • PF 1h gates;
  • 1/2h SF doors;
  • CF 3h gates;
  • Etc.
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The European classification of fire doors

On the European classification side, fire doors are marked with the following letters:

  • R to denote mechanical flame resistance;
  • E to specify the fire tightness of the security door;
  • I stands for thermal insulation against fire.

The European classification letters are also accompanied by the numbers representing the duration in minutes of resistance of each fire door. For example, you will find doors on the market with the indications ER 60, EI 90, REI 45, etc.

Whether it is the European or French classification, you should know that fire doors have 2 fundamental criteria. These include fire resistance for a specified period of time and the reaction of materials to flames.

Fire doors: how much do you need to buy them?

Regarding the purchase of fire doors, it may happen that the price varies on the market. The variation criteria are as follows:

  • The level of fire resistance;
  • The materials used for the design;
  • The desired finishes;
  • Etc.

In principle, a more efficient anti-infringement and firewall door will obviously be more expensive. It is particularly resistant to flames and is used to smoke extraction in a building. In general, the prices of doors per fire vary between 150 and 1000€. The installation of certified fire doors allows you to benefit from a 10% reduction in VAT provided that you call on a professional installer.

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Firewall door: what are some criteria for choosing one?

To benefit from high fire safety, there are a few criteria that should not be overlooked when choosing your fire door. Indeed, an initial check must be made on the side of the carpentry equipment to be purchased. Specifically, you should find the RF labels on certified security doors there. Do not hesitate to check the name of the organization that carried out the fire resistance test of the fire door to be purchased.

In addition, checks should also be made on the number of minutes that the fire door will withstand the flames. According to French legislation, each security door specifically designed to prevent the spread of flames must be able to withstand for at least 30 minutes.

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Firewall door: the advantages of hiring a professional installer

To install a fire door, this requires an absolute requirement. Such a recommendation should not be overlooked since the common areas of each carpentry equipment are unique. That’s why these doors should be installed by a professional and reputable installer. This allows for good fire safety, better locking and a direction of opening (back and forth) worthy of a specialist.

Whether it’s a sliding, sectional or swing fire door, your best guarantee of a safe and reliable installation is to use an installer. This specialist has received seasoned training and has the appropriate experience to install fire doors and provide you with renowned security.

During the installation of fire doors, the installer will perfectly follow all the instructions of the standards in force (NF standard) in order to offer you a better flame arrestor. Only specialists have the perfect knowledge and ability to handle carpentry equipment of this size to perfection. Using an installer is important, especially for people who need to submit reports to their insurer for better compensation for financial losses.

Similarly, the use of an installer remains particularly important, especially at the level of the flame arrestor door. Indeed, this specialist will make sure that the space around the leaf of your carpentry equipment is not too large. Such a recommendation should not be neglected since it could allow the flames to pass through and facilitate their spread to other rooms of the house. This is particularly the role of the professional installer.

Fire door: how to maintain and clean it?

To start the maintenance and cleaning of fire doors, it is necessary to check that there are no obstacles to closing. The leaves (i.e. the external condition and the sounding of the insulation) should also not be neglected. Some checks also need to be done on the beats. Check the frames for cracks and mechanical stability.

There are some firewall doors that have an electronic suction cup and detectors. At this level, maintenance and cleaning must be carried out differently. If you want to ensure maximum fire protection of the coverings, then do not hesitate to clean the openings (especially painted surfaces) regularly. Likewise, these doors must be thoroughly cleared of any residue located on the surfaces and at the level of the equipment. The liquids to be used for cleaning should be chosen carefully. Above all, choose those that do not contain abrasive substances or those that can dissolve paint. Such precautions should not be neglected in order not to damage the surface of the leaves, modules and frames.

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