9 Tips to Avoid Burglaries

9 Tips to Avoid Burglaries

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Last update: 31/12/2023

Introduction – The status of burglaries in a few figures

Today, the number of burglaries recorded each year in Belgium continues to exist and persist.

Average growth rate (percentage) of persons (aged 15 or over) victims of burglary or assault in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Source: https://indicators.be/fr/i/G16_VIC/Victimes_de_cambriolage_ou_d%27agression_%28i75%29

Despite the presence and patrols of police on the streets, burglars still find effective ways to circumvent the security measures put in place by citizens and law enforcement. To avoid finding your home burglarized, the ideal would be to reinforce the security at the level of the latter.

Here are our 9 tips to avoid burglaries:

  1. Use optimal security for house doors
  2. Install Certified Locks in Your Homes
  3. Securing secondary accesses to your homes
  4. Strengthen the security of your homes’ windows
  5. Installing an alarm: an essential complement to the security of a home
  6. Opt for good lighting around the house
  7. Implement security at your finger and eye

1. Use optimal security for house doors in Auderghem

To carry out theft operations, burglars usually infiltrate the house through the front doors. However, they tend to give up their action if they encounter the slightest resistance. According to scientists, a burglar is generally referred to as an opportunist and productivist. Specifically, the burglary operation needs to be carried out more quickly. However, by securing the front doors, you delay it considerably. If you don’t want to make a mistake, the ideal would be to use armored doors. Above all, choose those that are A2P BP 1, 2 or 3 certified. In addition, you should know that armoured doors come in many finishes and colours. According to studies, the consequences for burglars are as follows:

  • An A2P BP1 certified door: the amateur burglar will lose about 5 minutes;
  • An A2P BP2 certified door: the informed burglar will lose about 10 minutes;
  • An A2P BP3 certified door: the professional burglar will lose about 15 minutes;
  • Etc.

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2. Install certified locks in your homes in Saint-Gilles

Apart from security doors, you should also use certified locks to better protect the entrances to your homes. To achieve this, the ideal would be to opt for A2P-certified locks. These are able to offer you a high level of security. According to the designers, the A2P certification offers good resistance to intrusion. Locks of this size are quite strong and difficult to break in real-world conditions.

In addition, you should know that the A2P certification is issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection. Obtaining it is specifically a voluntary step by the lock manufacturer. It can only be obtained after an audit of the production site. Each part designed by the manufacturer is tested in the laboratory under burglary conditions and with the various burglar techniques.

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3. Secure secondary access to your homes in Ixelles

If the front door is resistant to the burglar’s attacks, the burglar will turn to the secondary entrances. These include the garage door or the garden door. However, it is clear that locking systems are neglected at this level.

If you don’t want burglars to break in through secondary entrances, then it would be ideal to provide them with absolute security. In this case, you can opt for sectional garage doors. These are considered to be the safest, as they usually have stiffeners built into each section. Thanks to their fastening system and interior tracks, sectional garage doors offer absolute safety and generally eliminate any possibility of entanglement. In addition, the guide rails that are usually combined with the castor system guarantee you additional points of strength. Being equipped with a motor, sectional garage doors will be very difficult to lift manually.

There are other cost-effective and very practical solutions for reinforcing garage doors. For example, it is possible to block them with bolts. Such a practice allows garage doors to lock into the track or masonry.

By using the security bars, it is also possible to provide absolute security to the garage door. The latter must have several horizontal and vertical anchor points. If you want to be sure of the safety of your garage door, avoid models with a pedestrian gate. Also, don’t opt for glazed garage doors. On the contrary, opt for those that have hinges on the inside.

Outside of the garage, you should know that burglars can easily break into your home through the back door. At this level, you can opt for the installation of a sheet steel door. In particular, it must have a 3-point lock.

4. Strengthen the security of the windows of your houses in Molenbeek

In single-family homes, windows are considered one of the weak points exploited by burglars. To increase security at this level, it is important to equip them with handles with locks.

In the absence of the owner, closed shutters are perceived as a clue to burglars. However, be aware that they can be well protected. Whether it’s security bars, roller shutters, door openers or locks, you’ll get absolute protection.

According to the scientific analyses carried out, each protective roller shutter with an A2P R certification will provide you with an effective response against burglary. At these flaps, the slats are usually made of extruded aluminum. These have a motorization that resists a crowbar. Although double glazing is resistant, it is still important to reinforce it.

As for windows, the ideal would be to install good sealed bars. You can perfectly use decorative or drawn metal grids. However, it is important to ensure that each protection cannot be unscrewed from the outside. This way, burglars won’t be able to take action while you’re away. Likewise, special attention should be paid to the distance between the rungs. More specifically, it must not allow the passage of car writings used to dismiss them.

5. Install an alarm: an essential complement for the security of a home in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe.

Alarms complete the protection of a home. The installation of these must perfectly meet 4 objectives, namely:

  1. Detection;
  2. Analysis;
  3. Reporting;
  4. Information.

In order for your alarm to work in this way, you need a good design of the installation. According to remote monitoring specialists, alarms are specifically designed to offer a siren. For security to be effective, human intervention must be put in place.

By setting up remote surveillance, you will be able to have a visual on burglars. Similarly, it is also considered a deterrent technique since it helps to scare away certain criminals. In the light of all this information, it must therefore be concluded that remote monitoring can significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

In addition, you should know that the alarms to be used must also be certified. Devices of this magnitude offer a better security system. Alarm certifications are issued by the CNPP. These are categorized by 1, 2 or 3 shields. This classification varies depending on the test result of each laboratory safety system. At the same time, the certification varies according to the use of the alarms. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right alarm for your security system:

  • NF A2P 1: alarms with these certifications are considered to be those to be used in homes that are difficult to access. For example, this type of alarm can be installed in an upstairs apartment.
  • NF 12P 2: this certification is particularly intended for alarms that are to be used in homes in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.
  • NF A2P 3: alarms with this certification are specifically reserved for homes that contain high-value objects.

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6. Opt for good lighting around the house in Etterbeek

While lighting can’t be considered an active security system, it’s still effective at spotting burglars. Specifically, a well-lit space or driveway can act as a deterrent. It is therefore important to light the area around the house, especially entrances or driveways. For more peace of mind, use devices that can light up as soon as a presence is detected.

Indeed, there are now lights with fairly accurate sensors. These are able to tell the difference between an animal and a person. You can therefore install these around the house to optimize the smart lighting scenario.

7. Implement finger-and-eye security in Koekelberg.

Today, home automation is considered one of the essential features of a security system. This is a fairly simple solution since it allows you to simulate a presence based on a pre-established scenario. While you’re away, the equipment can randomly activate on its own as if you were on the premises. This is an effective deterrent. Thanks to home automation, you also have the possibility to create scenarios when an intrusion is detected. Examples include sounding the alarm siren, lighting the house, opening the shutters, sending messages to a smartphone, etc. Similarly, it is impossible to visually control the house remotely. This allows you to make programming changes from your smartphone or tablet.


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