Armoured door that rubs, what to do?

Armoured door that rubs, what to do?

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Investing in the acquisition of an armored door offers several significant advantages. By installing it in their homes, occupants feel safe. This is possible since armored doors are made of steel or metal. They are also considered to be very good thermal and sound insulators. However, there are times when security doors face certain problems. This is the case, for example, with the friction observed during the opening and closing of the latter. What are the best manners to adopt when your security door rubs? We will discuss the subject further in the following lines.

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What causes a security door to rub?

Although armored doors are quite solid and provide effective security, it sometimes happens that they face some malfunctions. This is the case, for example, with the friction observed at their level. Today, there are several causes that can cause an armored door to rub. Here are some of them:

  • When the weight of an armoured door is no longer sufficiently supported by the hinges, it causes a malfunction in the opening and closing of the door. Specifically, the armored door starts by shifting a few millimeters. If this phenomenon continues, it contributes to the disruption of its location. Your security door can therefore start by rubbing the floor and ribs of your driveway.
  • During renovation work, it is sometimes necessary to cover the entire floor. When the package on the floor is too thick, it can cause a malfunction in the security door. More precisely, the thickness of the parquet laid can prevent the door from maintaining its original position.
  • Although an armored door is designed to be quite strong, humidity or temperature variations can cause it to warp. Such a phenomenon can be the cause of friction at ground level.

Scrubbing security door: what are the solutions to put in place

Anyone who encounters a rubbing security door should not panic. Although it is annoying, you need to stay calm and look for the right solution to achieve it with peace of mind. When faced with a rubbing security door, the ideal would be to start by analyzing the situation. Specifically, check the friction points. At this level, you should seek to understand the reason(s) causing your security door to rub. If some parts of the latter are made of wood, then check to see if they are swollen. Also, check to see if your security door is leaning to the side. Here are some procedures to follow to achieve this with peace of mind:

  • Use sandpaper: Insert a sheet of sandpaper under your security door that can be used to sand the millimeters that are causing friction on the floor. To achieve this, position the sheet under the security door. Block the sandpaper with your foot or by using a heavy weight. Then, feel free to move back and forth with the armored door on the sandpaper. Such an operation will take a few minutes and should sand the bottom of your wooden security door to perfection.
  • Raise the wooden security door: if you are struggling to put into practice the recommendations listed above, you can place brass washers on the hinges of your security door to raise it by a few millimetres. The precaution to take at this level is to check if there is enough space at the top of your door. To put this into practice, start by opening your security door at 90° and lifting it using a crowbar. Place a few washers on the hinges on the jamb side. However, please choose washers with the right diameter depending on the desired thickness. After completing the operation, you can return the security door to its original position.

Here are two other scenarios to consider when facing a scrubbed security door:

Swollen armoured door: which solution should be adopted?

When faced with certain situations of inflated security doors, it is necessary to wait for the temperature change so that the problem is solved on its own. However, such a solution requires waiting for a long time.

If you want to fix the problem as quickly as possible, try lifting your security door from the handle to remove it from the housing. In this regard, special attention is required since doors of this size are particularly heavy. It will therefore be necessary to do everything possible not to damage the handle. Similarly, there is another rather peculiar concern. Specifically, it is almost impossible to plane the security door yourself due to some of the metal parts. At this level, the ideal would be to contact a professional locksmith so that they can better resolve the situation. This recommendation should not be taken lightly since planing a metal security door requires technical skills. Likewise, you need to have specific equipment to achieve this. So don’t hesitate to contact a professional locksmith when the need arises. However, solving the problem of inflated armored door will not be complicated if the armor is made with wood. At this level, you don’t necessarily need to contact a locksmith professional. All you have to do is run sandpaper under the wooden security door and make a few scrubbing movements to sand lightly.

Leaning security door: what to do?

When you are faced with a sloping security door, be aware that this situation is caused by the weight of the door. Indeed, the weight of the door tends to work the hinges that should support it. The ideal solution at this level would be to unhinge the security door. Then, you need to unscrew all the hinges. However, you should not forget that security doors tend to weigh heavily. It is therefore not recommended to handle it. Also be careful since sometimes designers weld the hinges to the door frame. If you are facing such a situation, it would be ideal to contact a locksmith directly. Such a recommendation should not be taken lightly, since specialists of this calibre have the right equipment to do so. They will put everything in place to guarantee the safety of the occupants of the accommodation.

What are the recurring problems with security doors?

Armoured doors are designed with the aim of providing absolute security to the home. Despite their solidity and efficiency, they may face some problems or malfunctions.

The edge of the security door gets stuck

Today, it is possible to face an edge of the security door that gets stuck. Faced with such a situation, you should know that hinges are elements to turn to. Since these are pushed in too much, the edge of the security door and the frame can get stuck during opening or closing. If there is not enough space, it can reopen. This puts a lot of pressure on the hinge screws. Likewise, it can cause the security door to not bounce.

If you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, the ideal would be to opt for the door adjustment. Such a practice will allow him to move to the left or right. Also, make sure that the security door is better centred in the frame. When the problem is with the hinges, then they should be replaced with good quality ones.

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The security door opens and folds on its own

Sometimes, the security doors open or close on their own. At this level, the problem is with the lining or its frame. The solution varies depending on what is causing the malfunction.

If you find that the pin hinges are loose, it would be ideal to remove one. To achieve this, hit the pin with a daredevil. Bend it slightly by tapping it with a hammer. This will increase friction and put the security door back in place.

Apart from this method, it is possible to unscrew the trim and move it. At this level, the intervention will be done on the 2 sides so that the trim can remain in the “wind”. Particular attention must be paid to this area as this intervention may cause additional work during the installation of the frames. This is possible since a rabbet must be made at the back of them, using an electric plane. When the finishing work has already been done on the security door, then it will be necessary to move the hinge and not the frame.

When faced with an armored door that opens by itself, you must unscrew the lower hinge, and don’t forget the central hinge if it has one. Next, make sure to move the hinge a little so that it is away from the security door stopper. After such practice, screw it back on. This may leave a small gap where the hinge was cut. At the end of the procedure, make a few checks to ensure that your security door is opened and closed correctly. If this is not the case, then the stopper must be adjusted carefully so that the door can open and close comfortably.

The Bent Armoured Door

During closing, the top of the security door may touch the stopper. At this point, the handle must be pressed hard so that the latch engages and holds the security door closed. To get confirmation of the situation, stay in the room and slowly close the security door. Once you are close to the stops, you have to slow down and stop as soon as it touches them. You’ll notice that instead of touching the door evenly, there’s a gap that gradually thins out as it closes. This is usually due to the fact that the security door, frame or stop is not parallel. Similarly, the security door can be bent. To overcome this problem, a rigorous procedure must be put in place. Here are some ways to deal with the situation:

Move the stops of the security door

To perform such an intervention, you must leave the door as it is. However, move the bumper slightly. Remove the nails and remove all nails. Opt for the security door to be closed so that it locks. At this point, the stops of the armoured door must be nailed down again. However, be sure to leave one to two millimetres around to encourage the paint to apply.

Moving the security door frame

If the finishing work has not yet been done, the ideal would be to move the frame of the security door. This may be the cause of the problem encountered. Indeed, anyone in a situation of a bent security door can move the frame in order to adapt it.

To achieve this, you must start by unscrewing the frame and moving the top of the hinge side outwards. Such a practice allows you to bring the leg so that it is parallel to the other. By doing a few trials and verifications as you go, you will get a perfect result.

If your security door is still bent after trying all the recommendations listed above, it would be ideal to contact a professional in the sector. By making this choice, you guarantee that the work will be carried out according to the rules of the art. At this level, contact the Doors Center locksmiths and you will benefit from a quick intervention and the best services. Whether you are in Koekelberg, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Saint-Gilles, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Schaerbeek, Uccle, Watermael-Boitsfort, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, the professionals are at your disposal to solve all the problems concerning your security door.

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