How do you open a door without a handle?

How do you open a door without a handle?

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Do you have a door without a handle that you can’t open? Such a situation is certainly not pleasant. It can lead to a lot of stress, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. Luckily, there are several methods that allow you to open your door without a handle. They don’t require any special knowledge, but you just need to be a little handy. Wondering how you could open a door without a handle? We’ll explain everything here.

Use a screwdriver

The screwdriver is one of the most practical tools that will serve you in multiple ways to open a door without a handle. This is one of the many techniques that some Doors Center professionals use during emergency response. To do this successfully, you need to use a flat screwdriver. Likewise, it requires several steps, each one as important as the next.

To begin, you need to insert the screwdriver into the gap between the door frame and the door panel. This is simply where the handle should be. It is important to ensure that the screwdriver is positioned so that it can touch the locking mechanism.

You will then need to gently rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise. When turning, you should apply a slight downward pressure. This procedure is used to release the locking mechanism by pushing or pulling the bolt of the bolt. When you have successfully reached the locking mechanism, gently push the door open.

Use a credit card or plastic

If you don’t have a screwdriver to use the first method, another solution exists. The credit card is an ingenious alternative that can be of great use. If you don’t have a credit card, a piece of rigid plastic can be used. This has to be done in a clever way to unlock the door.

The card must be inserted between the door and the frame, more precisely where the handle should be. This technique usually works best on doors that close with a deadbolt lock. Now slide the card down while applying constant pressure towards the door frame. The main purpose of this mechanism is to bypass the locking mechanism and release the door mechanism.

Next, you need to turn the map counterclockwise. This is the solution that allows you to release the locking mechanism. To get there, you have to turn while maintaining the pressure. As soon as you notice that the mechanism is clear, gently push the door open.

This method is generally most effective on doors that do not have complex security mechanisms installed. So you’ll save a lot of time by checking this detail ahead of time.

Unlock the door with pliers

In case all the previous options are not possible for you, a pair of tweezers could provide relief. So when you have access to a clamp, you still have a chance of being able to open a door without a handle. Insert the clamp into the gap between the door frame and the door panel.

Make sure the clamp is positioned so that you can grip the locking mechanism. Firmly grasp the locking mechanism with the pliers, applying sufficient pressure to activate the mechanism. Turn the clamp counterclockwise to release the mechanism. Be patient, as this may take a bit of time and effort.

When you notice that the mechanism is clear, gently push the door open. This method is especially useful if the door is equipped with a standard deadbolt lock.

Contact a Doors Center

When nothing has worked to allow you to unlock the door, there is a last resort that will be effective in any case. Similarly, when the situation seems complex and you are afraid of creating damage, this option will suit you. All you have to do is call on a professional at Doors Center without delay! If you force it when the methods explained don’t work, you may well damage your door.

On the other hand, a qualified locksmith has the experience and the necessary equipment to carry out this task easily and above all without causing damage. Similarly, our locksmiths are trained to open all kinds of doors, even those without handles. They are familiar with the different models that exist and their mechanism. Your case will certainly not be difficult for one of our professionals to solve.

Above all, they are able to intervene while preserving the integrity of the door. This is not always easy if you do it yourself. This therefore ensures that you would not cause additional property damage.


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