Your locksmith in Molenbeek

Your locksmith in Molenbeek

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Today, it is clear that many people tend to face problems of insecurity in Molenbeek. Following such a situation, the ideal would be to make sure that your locks are working properly. Similarly, improperly installed front doors can cause real security problems for your homes. If you have the slightest problem, call a locksmith repair specialist. Their intervention must be immediate and impeccable in order to reinforce the level of security of your home. What do you need to know about your locksmith in Molenbeek?

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Your locksmith in Molenbeek for any intervention during the weekend

Faced with a locksmith emergency, do not hesitate to call on a professional capable of offering you quality services. Thanks to a professional locksmith, changing your lock will be done in a jiffy. However, it is clear that the rates become higher when a professional has to intervene during the weekends.

Your locksmith Molenbeek: what intervention is offered during the weekend?

There are several reasons why individuals and professionals may want to hire a professional locksmith. For example, the lock is stuck or the keys are lost. Faced with such a situation, the locksmith will come to you to offer you a quick and efficient intervention. For example, they can change the lock in its entirety or repair the element blocking the front door to your home.

During the weekend, individuals and professionals may find themselves in the same situation. Regardless of the locksmith emergency and the cause of its occurrence, the interventions remain largely the same. Examples include opening a single or armored front door, replacing a lock, changing a key, installing an armored door, etc.

Your locksmith Molenbeek: how much do you need to plan for him to travel for a weekend?

Whether it’s during holidays in the middle of the night or on weekends, hiring a professional locksmith will be more expensive. In general, the cost of this specialist’s intervention during the week and during the day varies between €80 and €150. However, travel costs must be added to this. Prices can also vary depending on the type of intervention to be carried out by the professional locksmith.

On weekends or holidays, the costs of working with a professional locksmith are quite variable. The factors of variation are the company, the quality of the specialist, the intervention to be carried out, the travel costs, the possible parts needed, etc.

Depending on all of these elements, you may end up with double or triple the intervention price. Specifically, hiring a professional locksmith on weekends or holidays can cost you up to around €1500.

In addition, you should know that there are 2 types of VAT that must apply depending on the intervention. Today, the law provides:

  • A standard VAT of 21% for each intervention carried out by a professional locksmith;
  • In the event of an emergency intervention caused by a break-in, the VAT rate is reduced by 6% in specific cases.

When faced with a locksmith emergency, it is not advisable to panic. There should be no need to panic as this will push you to subscribe to the first offer in a hurry. Take the time to think carefully in order to choose a craftsman among the locksmiths in Molenbeek who offers a more economical option.

Your locksmith Molenbeek: the services offered

Whether it’s for the installation of a front door or the opening of a door in an emergency, locksmiths can offer you several significant services. They are qualified locksmith professionals who offer different services depending on your needs, budget and constraints.

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What are the installation services of your Molenbeek locksmith?

Today, many people tend to comply with the tutorials available on the Internet to carry out installation work. All of this is done with the goal of real money savings. However, they completely ignore the disadvantages of such a practice. To avoid facing disadvantage situations, immediately call on a locksmith who can offer you better quality installation services.

The installation of carpentry equipment remains one of the most carried out interventions by locksmiths. Here are some of their benefits:

Installation of entrance doors

A professional locksmith will always put his skills in the installation of front doors at your disposal. Whether it is an armoured door, garage door or any other classic door, this locksmith specialist has the technical skills and tools to set up a renowned intervention. Contrary to popular belief, the installation of entrance doors requires certain technical and specialized knowledge, especially for armored doors.

Indeed, the installation of an armoured door necessarily requires the installation of a security lock and prior preparation of the frame that must accommodate it. The work to be carried out upstream is quite important so that the weight of the security door does not deform the structure. Likewise, it will prevent it from collapsing.

A poorly installed front door can cause huge security issues. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional locksmith so that they can take the necessary precautions to complete your installation project.

Lock installation and replacement

To guarantee the safety of the occupants and that of the relatives of a home, the lock is the main element that must be taken into account. Depending on the type of front door (conventional or armored), the locks may change. With one or more closing points, choosing a lock for your front door should not be taken lightly.

Thanks to a professional locksmith, you will benefit from a complete installation of your lock. You also have nothing to worry about replacing the locks on your front doors. He or she will give you adequate advice on the actions to be taken to extend the life of your carpentry equipment. At the same time, you won’t face common problems like: stuck lock, broken lock, blocked front doors, etc.

Installation and replacement of entrance door security teams

In general, the front doors are delivered with the appropriate locks. However, you have the option of increasing the safety of these by adding carpentry equipment to them. By way of illustration, it can be cited:

  • Safety bar;
  • Anti-pick lock;
  • Safety cylinder;
  • Round bolts;
  • etc.

What are the breakdown services of your locksmith Molenbeek?

Apart from installation work, locksmiths can also set up troubleshooting interventions. This usually involves opening blocked doors and emergency replacement.

Blocked door opening

It can happen that a door that does not have handles on the outside closes in on itself. In this case, it is impossible to return home. Faced with such a stressful situation, you should immediately call a professional locksmith so that they can unlock the front door.

Today, almost all locksmiths tend to offer a 24/7 breakdown service. This usually makes it possible to deal with any type of emergency. So don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith Molenbeek so that this specialist can open your door for you with professional techniques.

Whatever the locksmith emergency, you have no need to fear since the locksmith Molenbeek will provide you with a quote with the total cost of the service. This document will be presented to you before any manipulation. You are therefore free to choose whether or not to intervene with him.

Emergency replacement of your front door (armoured or conventional)

Whether it’s broken doors or those that have been broken into, precautions must be taken to increase the level of security. After being weakened by the break-in, your front door will no longer be able to offer the same guarantees of protection and security. In this specific case, call a professional locksmith so that they can raise the security level of your front door. In this way, you will benefit from a fast and efficient intervention at very competitive prices.

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Replacement of broken locks and other carpentry equipment

Faced with a malfunction of the carpentry equipment (lock or safety barrel), call an artisan locksmith Molenbeek immediately. Thanks to its technical skills and years of experience, this locksmith specialist will be able to offer you quality services in compliance with the rules of the art. Indeed, the locksmith can offer you to immediately replace the defective carpentry equipment in order to strengthen the level of security of your home and the occupants in it. Similarly, the locksmith Molenbeek can offer a temporary solution while waiting for the new equipment to arrive.

Your locksmith Molenbeek: how does a locksmith repair work?

To set up a breakdown intervention, the locksmiths Molenbeek opt for a well-established procedure. If you want to know the seriousness of the specialist contacted, here is how the locksmith should behave:

Diagnosis to get started

During the phone call for a locksmith repair, the locksmith must make every effort to know all the information from his interlocutor. In this way, he will be able to draw up a small assessment in order to assess the seriousness of the problem while knowing the area of intervention.

The diagnosis carried out over the phone also allows the Molenbeek locksmith to have the first ideas on the type of operation to be carried out. In this way, he will be able to prepare the work tools that are to be used in the field. In the event of a burglary, the locksmith Molenbeek may decide to set up an emergency intervention. Thus, it automatically prepares itself and goes to the field in order to provide precise solutions to problems.

Quotation and repair

After carrying out the diagnosis, the locksmith already has knowledge of the techniques to be put in place to solve the problem. This specialist will introduce you to the available solutions and also reveal the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The final decision is yours by right, as you have to stick to your budget.

In general, locksmiths tend to suggest simple and inexpensive solutions. However, some of them recommend to the customer the measures to be put in place in order to optimize security in the long term.

After choosing the troubleshooting solution, the locksmith will present you with a quote. With this document, you will have a clear idea of the cost of the operation. It is precisely after validating it that the locksmith Molenbeek will be able to start his work.

In accordance with the estimate, the locksmith specialist must complete all the repair work. Whether it is for the correction of an anomaly or the replacement of carpentry equipment, its intervention must be carried out in compliance with the rules of the art and safety.

Issuing invoices

After having carried out all the repair work indicated on the estimate, the locksmith carries out tests to check if his intervention was a success. At the same time, he can give advice on maintenance and use to his client so that the latter does not find himself in the same situations. More specifically, the recommendations of this locksmith specialist will be of great use to you since it will allow you to significantly reduce the risk of breakdown.

Since locks are fragile devices with complex operation, it is important to maintain them. This way, you avoid finding yourself at a disadvantage. In addition, you should know that the breakdown or maintenance service of a locksmith Molenbeek ends with the delivery of an invoice. Indeed, this document will present its client with the labor costs that were mentioned in the quote. However, you need to make sure that documents like the quote or invoice have accurate information. Apart from the SIRET number, you must also find the address and name of the professional locksmith. This will allow you to contact them again in the event of a complaint.

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