Maintenance contract

Maintenance contract

Maintenance contract: for what kind of work?

Do you own a commercial or industrial building in Belgium? Do you live in an apartment or house in Brussels , à Ganshoren, à Anderlecht or Auderghem ? You are looking for a professional locksmith or glazier to sign a maintenance contract. But first, you want to know more about maintenance contracts, the terms of the contract, their benefits and the work they can cover. We tell you all about it in this article.

Maintenance contract: how does it work?

A maintenance contract is an agreement between you and a repair or breakdown service provider, under which you entrust the latter with the regular maintenance of your installations and equipment, in order to ensure their proper operation and eliminate the risk of business interruptions.

With a maintenance contract, the professional makes regular visits at a set frequency, checking that the equipment is working optimally, that its settings are correct, etc. He is also interested in the level of wear and tear of the parts and does some necessary cleaning.

Each time he intervenes, he invoices his services, including the cost of materials and parts used. It’s important to note that a lock service contract is not exactly the same as a maintenance contract. In fact, a maintenance contract covers more services than a service contract.

In addition to inspection visits, the professional must repair any faults that occur, without charging for anything other than the parts used in the repair.

So, for your locksmith needs in Jette , à Ixelles , à Uccle or anywhere else in Brussels you can contact us. In your home, in pastry shops, restaurants, shops, clinics, bakeries, supermarkets,…

What should be specified in a maintenance contract?

The document precisely defines all the technical, financial and professional terms and conditions of the intervention in order to eliminate ambiguities and specify in particular with regard to :

  • Names of both parties ;
  • The nature of the interview ;
  • The scope of the interview;
  • Equipment and installations to be maintained ;
  • Frequency or frequency of maintenance ;
  • Contract duration ;
  • The related costs with details of each intervention;
  • The responsibility of each party ;
  • Dispute resolution ;
  • Applicable law ;
  • Jurisdiction in the event of a dispute ;
  • Cancellation terms ;

If you’d like an example of a maintenance contract, you can search the Internet. You’ll find a number of sample contracts that you can use as inspiration for your own. And don’t hesitate to contact a professional for examples of contracts he or she has negotiated with other customers.

Why take out a maintenance contract?

Protect your home and business from burglary

The first risk you run at Waterloo , Woluwe-Saint-Lambert , à Watermael-Boitsfort or in Etterbeek If you leave your doors and shutters unmaintained, you run the risk of having them broken into.

Door and window joinery is a very important part of your home’s security system. However, over the years and depending on your usage habits, without locksmith maintenance, the locking and opening mechanism of locks gradually weakens.

At some point, your doors are going to show signs of failure, with broken keys, jammed keys, and so on. Thieves know the weak points of certain locking mechanisms and your doors.

That’s why you need to make sure your doors and locks are always solid and tamper-proof. Not all signs of failure are always visible. To ensure that your locks and doors are tamper-proof and that your home, commercial or industrial building is secure, call in a professional locksmith.

He or she will carry out a complete diagnosis and help you identify the areas that need strengthening. If a replacement is necessary to ensure the safety of the premises, the professional will let you know so that you can make the appropriate arrangements in good time.

Avoid breakdowns and the disappointments that can result from them

There’s one main advantage to setting up a maintenance contract. It prevents you from having to deal with sudden breakdowns that could cost you time or cause business interruption.

A breakdown in Brussels , Schaerbeek or in Koekelberg in a residential, professional or commercial building can have disastrous consequences, depending on its nature and scale. Imagine, for example, that :

  • The hook lock on your door or office breaks down in the middle of winter;
  • The front door, armored door, glass door, wooden door, etc. of your home or business is gradually becoming mildewed and brittle;
  • Due to a fault in the locks, the door does not close properly. Without an emergency locksmith, you risk spending a lot more money on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer because heat loss will be greater;
  • Your roller shutters jam in the middle of the night or on a public holiday.

Clearly, problems with locks (broken keys, jammed keys, protected keys, etc.) or doors can have many consequences. These can range from a slowdown to a business interruption.

This can lead to a drop in sales, loss of customers, destruction of certain raw materials or stocked products, and so on. A simple breakdown can therefore cost you a lot more money, especially for replacing parts or installations. So it’s a good idea to negotiate maintenance contracts to keep your locks in good working order.

Protect your home from air and moisture infiltration

It’s true that a joinery maintenance contract is not a compulsory contract. However, if you are responsible for managing a condominium in Brussels or nearby towns, don’t hesitate to offer your co-owners a carpentry and lock maintenance contract.

Apart from the safety aspect of regular maintenance, windows and doors also protect the home against air and moisture infiltration. They can, however, fail after a while. How?

Imagine, for example, a door or window that doesn’t close properly. We can also consider glass that is slightly broken or has not been properly installed. The risks associated with this type of problem are manifold.

The windows in your apartment, for example, can let rain into your home, leading to gradual deterioration of the building. Ultimately, co-ownership charges will be higher, which will affect the quality of cohabitation in the case of condominiums.

When your doors and windows are not airtight, the comfort of your home can be affected. As mentioned above, your energy consumption will start to rise, adding to your energy bill.

Don’t forget your next interview dates!

The other reason why it’s important to set up a maintenance contract is to ensure that the system is serviced at regular intervals, for optimum performance. Indeed, we sometimes tend to forget that our equipment needs servicing until it breaks down.

A maintenance contract solves this problem. No need to worry if you forget when your next locksmith and door maintenance is due. The craftsman won’t forget. As he did with you, he has maintenance contracts with several individuals or companies at once. As a result, he keeps track of his appointments on a regular basis.

So, as your next interview approaches, he’ll send you a reminder to get ready. He’s the one who takes care of the appointment reminders, which relieves you of a considerable responsibility.

Maintenance contracts for condominiums

Have you realized that the common joinery in condominiums is operated too intensely every day? With dozens of return trips every day, the joinery in condominiums is under too much pressure.

It’s important here to entrust the maintenance of your joinery to a single craftsman. He will check the condition of your windows, shutters and doors. As soon as he notices a broken pane or a door or window that won’t close properly, he solves the problem. That’s the advantage of maintenance contracts.

By entrusting your maintenance contract to a professional technician, you can be sure of a consistent service across all your installations. The professional will be familiar with your system as a whole and with all its particularities. This makes it easier for him to intervene when needed.

This knowledge of the installations will enable him to intervene more quickly and effectively. When you call in different craftsmen for each repair need, they will be less responsive than if you had entrusted the repair work to a single professional via a maintenance contract.

Extend the life of your equipment

If they are always maintained by a quality professional, your doors, shutters, windows and locksmithing installations will benefit from assured longevity as defects are identified quickly.

Indeed, if initial maintenance is not carried out on time and at the rate recommended by the manufacturer, installations and closures tend to deteriorate and depreciate more quickly.

You can therefore protect the life of your keys, armored doors, glass doors, wooden doors, etc., and other installations and equipment by opting for a maintenance contract.

And that’s not counting the time it saves you. You won’t have to worry about problems with your installations. We’ll take care of your armored fittings, and all your locks, whether they’re deadbolts, hook locks, PZ locks or cellar locks.

Who should I choose for a joinery maintenance contract?

Would you like to take out a maintenance contract for your woodwork? For a quality service in Brussels or surrounding area, trust the best. Benefit from the know-how and expertise of a company with many years of experience in joinery installation, repair and maintenance.

Our maintenance services will also keep your woodwork looking its best. Call us for your roller shutters, classic doors, armored doors, locksmithing, etc.

We ensure the permanent integrity of your locks to keep your home safe, especially if you plan to go on vacation during the summer months. Well-maintained closures also contribute to improved thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

So, if you still have any doubts, now’s the time to take action. Contact us to discuss the terms of a carpentry and locksmith maintenance contract.

Maintenance contract: how to avoid unpleasant surprises

While it’s important to have a maintenance contract in place, it’s especially important to choose a truly high-quality, honest professional. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to deal with a craftsman who will charge you a fortune for simple repairs.

Since this is a contract, take your time to find the right professional locksmith, whether in Anderlecht , Auderghem or Jette . You can start by asking colleagues, relatives, friends and neighbors for recommendations. They can put you in touch with a qualified service provider who won’t cheat you.

You can also search the internet for quotes for imaginary repair jobs. Carefully study the quotes and all the information in them to identify the craftsman who will suit you best. But before you start, take the time to get a feel for the craftsman during a physical meeting. Follow your intuition and make the choice.


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