What is the price of a locksmith in Brussels?

What is the price of a locksmith in Brussels?

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Compared to any service, there is a global rate that can be charged by a locksmith when he or she is called upon to intervene. There are several factors that can cause price changes. These include travel distance, complexity of service, parts needed for the job, labor price, length of service, and locksmith experience. What are the prices of the different services provided by a professional locksmith? The answer is to be found in the following lines.

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  • The price of the residential locksmith in Brussels
  • The House Lock Service
  • Changing the lock
  • A new lock installation, etc.

This article highlights the services that a locksmith can provide you with their different price margins. There you will find the rates of commercial locksmiths and car locksmiths.

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The price of the residential locksmith in Brussels

In Brussels, the price of residential locksmiths varies depending on the intervention to be carried out. So here is some more detailed information:

Image of locksmith doing his job repairing a door

The House Lock Service

Today, some people are having difficulty opening their front door. To avoid this situation, the ideal would be to opt for a house lockout. To adopt such an intervention at this level, it is necessary to plan at least 35€ for a low-end intervention. The increase in the price of the service varies depending on the locking system chosen.

Changing the lock

Changing a lock is an action usually taken when a person wants to replace a damaged lock. Similarly, this can happen when she wants to upgrade these locks. These are commonly observed phenomena whose realization requires the same price compared to the installation of a new lock. Also at this level, the intervention can cost more when additional work will be done to make the door more compatible with the new locks. For a typical lock, you should expect to pay €35.

A new lock installation

The installation of the new lock is generally a request made by the owner who wants to provide more security to his doors. At this level, it is imperative for the locksmith to check the compatibility between the new lock and the door. To set up a new locking system, you must plan for at least €35. The price can go much further, as this intervention requires the purchase of new locks.

Smart Lock Installation

Today, smart locks are becoming more and more popular among several homeowners. They are typically used in a wide range of homes. The installation process of smart locks is particularly similar to that of a new conventional lock. However, such an intervention requires some additional work, especially on the door concerned. Today, each smart lock has specific requirements that can increase the price of the intervention. However, you still need to plan for at least 35€ to start the work.

Rekeying Locks

At first glance, many people don’t understand the term “rekeying”. However, be aware that it is revealing. At this level, the front door needs to be effectively modernized. In this way, the lock will be able to work with one or more keys. Entrusting such an intervention to an experienced locksmith is very beneficial. However, be aware that this operation can take a long time when the procedure is performed by an unqualified person. To hire a professional locksmith at this level, you need to plan for a minimum of €19.

Repairing damaged locks

In some situations, it is not necessary to replace the damaged lock. A professional locksmith can intervene to make the necessary repairs to get the security system back up and running. This is a very advantageous technique for homeowners since they can continue to use the damaged lock.

However, be aware that not all damaged locks can be repaired. When the locksmith deems the operation feasible, then it is necessary to plan between 19 and 35€ for the repair. The price varies depending on the severity of the damage that needs to be repaired by the locksmith.

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Extracting the broken key

Extracting the broken key from a lock can be considered two tasks in one. This is due to the fact that the locksmith is faced with a locking system that requires the manufacture of new keys after the broken one has been extracted. To extract the broken key from your lock, you need to budget around €35. However, the price can go up to €75 or more. This is possible since additional costs are added to the original service.

Image of locksmith doing his job repairing a door

Window lock repair

Window locks are considered to be other facets that need to be dealt with by professional locksmiths. The process of repairing these is particularly similar to that of a damaged lock. Similarly, it requires about the same amount of time depending on the complexity of the lock to be repaired. At this level, the intervention price varies between €19 and €35.

Locking Residential Safes

Today, safes are becoming more and more very consistent in homes. They are typically used to secure and properly protect a variety of valuables. Since the safes are particularly well locked, burglars find it difficult to steal the items inside. However, there may be times when the locking system is dysfunctional. Similarly, the owners of the safe can lose the key. In this case, the intervention of a locksmith professional is necessary. Since residential safes are not as different from each other, locksmiths have the technical skills to handle this intervention. To maintain and reinforce the security of safe lockouts, you need to plan at least €65. The price may increase depending on the model and nature of the security system.

Prices in commercial locksmithing

Apart from private residences, locksmiths can also intervene in commercial locksmithing. The price charged at this level varies according to the intervention to be carried out.

Desktop Lock

Today, many people would like to bring an effective locking system to their desk. Contrary to popular belief, keys and locks always end up being damaged. Whatever the reasons, the professional locksmith has the technical skills to help you re-engage your office without any worries. The price of a lockout at the commercial office level starts from €35. However, the cost varies depending on the number of locks to be opened and the complexity of the intervention.

Installation of a new commercial door lock

The procedure for installing new commercial door locks is triggered when business leaders want to improve the security system of locks or repair damaged ones. This process is also essential when companies want to build new commercial complexes that need a lock on their desks and units. To install new commercial door locks, the basic cost is estimated at 35€. However, the price may increase depending on the customer’s desires and the quality of the door locks to be installed.

The Locking of the Commercial Vault

Commercial safes are particularly similar to those in residential homes. However, they have a few inherent peculiarities that allow them to be distinct from others. This is one of the reasons why locksmiths need to possess quite specific technical knowledge to address the other related problems of commercial safes. At this level, the service call fee is €15. To carry out a commercial safe lockout, you must plan for a minimum of €65.

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The Price of the Car Locksmith

Also on the car locksmith side, the price varies depending on the intervention. Here are a few details to keep in mind:

Image of locksmith doing his job repairing a door

Replacing the car key

When a person opts to replace their car key, then the old one is broken or lost. In addition, such a procedure should not be confused with duplicating the car key. This is because replacing a car key means making a new key. The manufacturing cost is at least €120 at most locksmiths. However, the price may increase depending on the additional services that need to be done. At this level, a locksmith Schaerbeek will be of great use to you.

Cutting car keys

The cutting of car keys is done in a different way. The method used to achieve this has a considerable impact on the final cost. This is because cutting out car keys can be done using an existing key or by cutting the key to the code. Although such an intervention requires time, it must be entrusted to a professional in the sector. Cutting a car is particularly comparable to a replacement process. At this level, you should expect to pay around 120€. However, the cost may vary depending on whether or not the key is available.

Duplicating the car key

First of all, you should know that the cost of duplicating car keys has a wider range compared to the various services mentioned above. This is possible since the price of duplicating a car key can be as low as €2. This service can also be charged at more than €120. Be aware that the locksmith’s intervention varies depending on the type of key you want to duplicate. If, for example, you have a traditional car key, then duplication will not be complicated since it does not require any specificity. At this level, all you need to do is set aside €2 to achieve this. However, people with transponder keys will pay much more. Duplicating their car key can start from as little as €120.

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Programming transponder keys

Today, the majority of vehicles sold have transponder keys. This is considered to be one of the additional methods to better protect the car. This is one of the reasons why some duplicate keys need to be reprogrammed before they can work properly.

To start programming a transponder key, it is necessary to plan about 120€ in order to cover all the additional services generally provided. However, there are some professionals charging between €30 and €75 for programming alone. Since such an intervention is accompanied by additional services, the cost can be more than €120. Do not hesitate to contact a cheap locksmith in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert to benefit from an exceptional intervention.

Image of locksmith doing his job repairing a door

Extracting car keys

Car key extraction usually occurs when a key breaks in the lock or in the vehicle’s ignition. This type of intervention requires technical skills and may be much more complicated than expected. However, locksmiths have the technical skills to overcome such a situation with complete peace of mind. To get a car key, plan at least €65. The professional’s intervention price may increase depending on the complexity of the operation. This is because each car key extraction procedure varies in severity. Sometimes the broken part of the car key is removed easily. In some cases, professionals may face some difficulties.

Ignition replacement and repair

At first glance, ignition replacement and repair appears to be an umbrella term. It is generally used to refer to vehicle cylinder and ignition switch replacement services. Indeed, you should know that the work used to treat the ignition of cars is particularly very complex. To achieve this, it would be ideal to entrust this intervention to a professional in the sector, unless you are competent to deal with this situation. The price of repairing or replacing the ignition by a professional locksmith is around €95. This varies depending on the amount of work to be done and the model of the car.

All in all, know that it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to dealing with a locksmith. The company’s reputation can have a huge impact on the prices offered. For more information, contact a locksmith located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. The technician is at your disposal to offer you a locksmith breakdown service Brussels at unbeatable prices.

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