The advantages of an armoured door

The advantages of an armoured door

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Armoured doors are considered carpentry accessories classified in the category of doors. They usually have thicker and stronger fans. Armoured doors are made of one or more layers of steel, insulation, and sometimes even reinforced grilles. They can be used in any home and as an alternative to conventional doors. What are the benefits of investing in security doors? We will discuss the subject further in the following lines.

Here are the advantages of an armored door:

  1. Offers optimal security: better resistance to burglars
  2. Easy to install for a professional
  3. Offers a remarkable aesthetic, with the option of custom styling
  4. Better thermal and acoustic insulation
  5. Solid and multiple closing points
  6. First-class materials against corrosion and the passage of time
  7. Certified with European standards

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The armoured door offers optimal security

To blow up a standard door, it takes less than 90 seconds for seasoned burglars. When it comes to an armored door, the criminals need more than 50 minutes to get there. This gives enough time for the occupants of a house to contact law enforcement. The optimal security offered by security doors is considered one of the reasons to install them in your home.

Similarly, security doors are also considered one of the effective ways to deter burglars. This is due to the fact that they have a very high resistance due to their composition. Indeed, armored doors are made of solid materials such as steel or metal. It usually has high-performance locks that are very difficult to tamper with.

In addition, security doors offer the possibility of equipping them with hinges. With a locking system with solid steel locks, security remains optimal. Since the lock is located precisely on the side of the hinges, burglars cannot quickly break down the security door. For added safety, the design of the hinges is made of solid steel. They are also equipped with an anti-sway system to prevent possible openings from the side.

The security door is easy to install

Contrary to what many people think, installing an armored door is not as complicated as it seems. Although you don’t need to use specific equipment to achieve this, the ideal would be to entrust this intervention to an expert in this sector of activity.

However, there are now several techniques available on the web that allow you to effectively install an armored door. Most of them require the use of suitable fittings and knobs. The techniques to be used are particularly robust, just like those generally used for traditional installations. The methods used for the installation of security doors offer the particularity of being faster and simpler. At the same time, it doesn’t require enough finishing work.

The armoured door offers a remarkable aesthetic

Apart from the optimal protection offered by security doors, you should know that they also stand out for their aesthetics. Indeed, the armoured doors sublimate the house. They are both chic and contemporary. Doors of this size bring an original decorative touch to any home. Likewise, you have the possibility to evolve the finishes according to your desires. Such a practice will not affect the overall security of the security door. Whatever your preference, security doors are capable of marrying all possible trends.

The armoured door offers better insulation

In addition to the strength of the steel or metal that makes up the security door, its different materials offer exceptional thermal insulation to any home. By installing an armoured door in your home, you are preserving the heat. No loss will be recorded, since the materials used to design it are particularly very robust and offer better insulation.

The thermal performance of a house is determined by its UD coefficient. If the values of the latter are lower, the home will experience less heat loss. With an armoured door at the entrance to your room, you will benefit from a fairly low UD coefficient since it is more insulating.

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The armored door is different from the classic one

Apart from its deterrent effect on break-in and burglary attempts, an armored door is massive and thick. Unlike conventional ones, armored doors are specifically designed to have a good resistance to the assaults of intruders. They are particularly difficult to remove. This resistance is specified in the European regulation UNI ENV 1627. Unlike traditional ports, there are codes to certify the quality of the door set and lock. The opening methods of armoured doors are particularly different from those of conventional ones. Although there are electronic or cylinder locks that can provide good security for your security door, it is still better to opt for those that are quite sophisticated. These include armoured doors with biometric recognition devices.

In addition, it is quite possible to opt for the armor of an entrance door in order to preserve the building from theft. At this level, the work will be tailor-made. More precisely, it will be essential to carry out a meticulous diagnosis of the needs at the level of the security door. Next, the openings must be accurately measured and the existing door must be sized in order to provide the shielding. This can be done for any type of door.

The security door offers a personalized style

Today, with armoured doors, it is quite possible to combine business with pleasure. Indeed, there are several solutions on the market that combine aesthetics and safety. Taking into account the quality of the materials used for the design and structure, you will benefit from a custom security door. However, it’s important not to forget the style of your gear. At this level, there are several patterns and decors that can match the colors of your room. In this way, your security door can be in direct conformity with the interior decoration of your home.

All the things to be installed in a house can give disadvantages. This phenomenon can also be observed in the installation of security doors. Comparing them to conventional doors, these are sold at quite high prices. It is therefore wise to choose a personalized style that can be adapted directly to your interior design.

The armoured door provides better resistance to intrusion attempts

According to the statistics mentioned by professionals regarding the high number of offences in certain neighbourhoods, almost all burglaries were carried out on traditional doors. All persons living in a community with a high crime rate must have security doors installed on their entrances. Being tamper-proof, these devices are considered one of the best solutions to bring optimal security to your home. With such a facility, you will be able to keep valuable possessions such as paintings and rare jewelry in your home. The armoured door will therefore be of great use in countering attempts by criminals to break in.

By installing an armored door in your home, you protect yourself considerably and reduce the chances of a burglar entering it as much as possible. Even experienced thieves don’t have the technical skills to successfully pick the lock on a door of this size. Unlike conventional doors, armoured doors are therefore designed to effectively resist break-in attempts and offer optimal protection to the occupants.

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The security door has fairly solid closing points

Closing points are also considered to be one of the main advantages of opting for an armoured door unlike conventional ones. At a minimum, armored doors tend to have 3 locking points. Such precautions are taken with the aim of enhancing the security level of the room. Similarly, you have the option of opting for an armored door with a 5-point lock.

Indeed, it is important to know that the number of locking points varies depending on the height of the door. The higher the security door, the greater the number of closing points. Therefore, if you have an armoured door with a height between 2.10 and 2.20 m, you should choose at least 7 locking points.

In addition, there are side and vertical closing points. For the2nd option, you encounter some installation incompatibilities depending on the nature of the flooring. The same is true when a duct runs directly under the coating. If you find yourself in such a situation, it would be ideal to focus only on the side locking points.

The armoured door provides good acoustic comfort

Today, there are front doors that lead directly onto a noisy street. If you find yourself in such a situation, the ideal would be to turn to the installation of an armored door. Such a choice will be quite beneficial to you since doors of this size offer very good sound insulation.

Given the materials used during their design, security doors are able to cut out noise from the outside. By opting for the installation of these, you will benefit from a very good sound insulation index (RW). This is why the installation of security doors is considered one of the best solutions to enjoy peace and quiet in homes and offices. However, the sound insulation rating of the security door should be chosen according to your location. If you live in the countryside, for example, it would be wise to opt for an armored door with a fairly average index. This could effectively meet your need for sound insulation.

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The armored door has effective anti-corrosion

Today, it is clear that exterior entrance doors are generally exposed to the elements. Such a phenomenon is considered to accelerate the wear and tear of the latter. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, the security door is considered a sensible and very effective solution. This is due to the fact that the materials used for its design are particularly strong and resistant to corrosion. For example, steel is one of the materials that does not rust. Armored door designers also tend to add an extra layer of aluminum on the outside in order to protect the armored door from corrosion as much as possible. To make the choice, the ideal would be to refer to the AEV ranking. The latter effectively guarantees the level of resistance of a joinery. This is done depending on the exposure of the security doors to three elements such as air, water, and wind.

The different certifications of armoured doors

Certifications are considered to be one of the first factors pushing many people to choose an armored door. These generally attest to the level of resistance of this joinery accessory to break-ins. It must therefore be inferred that certifications attest to a certain level of safety. They are usually issued by the National Centre for Prevention and Protection. When installing an armored door, you have the option to choose the certification that will suit you. Today, A2P is considered the most popular standard for potential burglary resistance. This certification is particularly issued for high-security locks, accompanied by a star rating. Here are a few examples that should not be overlooked:

  • A2P 1 star offers a minimum of 5 min resistance to an experienced burglar;
  • A2P 2 stars offers a minimum of 10 min resistance to an experienced burglar;
  • A2P 3 stars offers a minimum resistance of 15 minutes to an experienced burglar;
  • Etc.

In addition, you should know that this certification does not cover the locks of security doors. However, some burglars do not hesitate to force open doors while tearing them down. In order not to face such a situation, the National Centre for Prevention and Protection also issues BP certifications. These are specifically designed to cover high-quality locks. They come in 3 levels of security such as BP1, BP2 and BP3.

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