How to avoid burglaries on holiday?

How to avoid burglaries on holiday?

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Introduction – How to avoid burglaries during the summer periods?

The numbers are alarming. According to statistics from the Ministry of Internal Security (French), 185,600 homes were burglarized during the year 2020. The number of burglaries is highest in the summer because people go on holiday and homes are usually vacant. If you’re planning to go on vacation this summer, there’s no need to be anxious. Here are some good habits to have according to Doors Center technicians to avoid being the victim of a burglary. You can always contact us for free and tailor-made safety advice.

Summer burglaries: how they operate

Whether in the City of Brussels or in Ganshoren, burglaries are often orchestrated either by an individual or by organised gangs. In the first case, the lone thief slips into your home as soon as he finds the slightest flaw.

Organized gangs, on the other hand, first do the job of scouting and targeting the most vulnerable homes. The thief may pretend to be a locksmith, a plumber who has come to help in an emergency, or even a police officer and ring your doorbell to confirm your absence. Then, the team goes on the attack. To leave with peace of mind, here are the right things to do to prevent your home from being burglary while you’re away.

Enhance the security of access points to your home

In 64% of cases, break-ins are through the door. Some thieves go through the windows or climb the balcony, fence or fence. However, almost half of Belgians have not installed any security equipment in their homes. So, the main step you can take to go on vacation with peace of mind is to increase the security of all access points to your home.

Start by reinforcing your locks and installing a pedal or single door wedge or a door stop. For example, you can call a locksmith in Brussels who will replace your lock with a 3-point lock, an automatic lock, or a double paneton lock.

Also consider installing an armored door and if necessary, reinforce the entrance with a metal frame. Also reinforce the hinges to make break-in difficult, or even impossible with tools used by amateurs. These measures deter thieves, because they risk being caught before their crowbar can make reinforced doors give way.

If your doors are outdated, have them repaired or replaced for added safety. Don’t neglect garage doors. You can install a wooden door, a glass door (tempered glass or wired glass) or an industrial door.

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Install security systems

You can’t stop criminals from venturing into your home while you’re away. However, you can deter them by installing a Judah or implementing security, remote monitoring, or access control devices. Why not install an alarm, for example?

In fact, statistics have shown that in the majority of cases, the alarm forces burglars to abandon their burglary project. Find an alarm model that fits your needs and budget.

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If you can, let burglars know that the home is equipped with an alarm system. A little signage on your door will suffice. That said, it’s important to make sure that your alarm has a good battery life and will be able to work in your absence without interruption.

Discretion above all: travel without leaving any hints of absence

There is no shortage of deterrents. However, it’s best to avoid attracting thieves to your home. This is because criminals have methods to target homes to be attacked. To break into your home, they check several clues and confirm your absence. Some follow your posts to find out if you’ve traveled or not.

So you need to be as discreet as possible. Do you want to create a buzz by announcing on Facebook or Instagram that you want to travel? Be aware that you are indirectly telling thieves that your home will soon be vacant.

Bad actors could use this information against you. Therefore, it is best not to communicate information such as holiday dates.

Also, don’t post photos of the interior of your home and if you buy valuables, don’t post them on social media.

That said, there are strategies to make it look like you’re still there, even though you’ve already left. For example, you can contact a professional to have automatic or remote switching on and off devices installed.

Imagine, for example, timer light bulbs in your home. They are programmed to turn on and off automatically after a certain amount of time. You can also set your TV to turn on and off automatically.

Those who are more determined will not hesitate to install electric shutters with remotely controllable closing and opening. If your shutters open in the morning and close in the evening, burglars will have a hard time imagining that you’ve been on vacation.

Even those who know that there are automatic shutter closing and opening systems will have no way of knowing if you have installed this system or not. By simulating your presence in this way, your home will be safe from attacks.

Let some people know you’re away.

Discretion does not prevent you from keeping certain people informed of your absence. In fact, it will be an additional security measure. For example, by negotiating with your neighbours, they can help you collect your mail on a daily basis.

This is because a mailbox that is too full tells burglars that you are away for a while, giving them time to operate. So contact someone you trust and let them know about your trip. Ask them to help you collect your mail to keep your mailbox empty.

To avoid any risk, don’t leave your keys in supposedly discreet hiding places. Every burglar knows that you can hide keys under a flower pot or under a doormat.

Duplicate keys and give a copy to someone you trust. She may come to your home from time to time to open the shutters, leave the windows open for a few hours, turn on the lamps and make noise. This deterrent presence will prevent thieves from attacking your home.

You can also inform law enforcement if there is no “vigilant neighbour” system in your neighbourhood. “Vigilant neighbors” is a mode of organization that keeps neighbors on permanent alert by monitoring the movements of unknown people and suspicious behavior in the neighborhood.

If there is no such system in your neighborhood, you can keep law enforcement informed of your temporal absence. Their regular patrols near your home will be a great deterrent. And even after you’ve taken all these steps, consider hiding your valuables in a safe. Then, leave with peace of mind.


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