The different types of sliding doors

The different types of sliding doors

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When it comes to interior design, many people pay a lot of attention to different furniture and decoration. Some people don’t even know the importance of interior doors. However, it is carpentry equipment that is part of everyday life. On the market, there are several among which you will find the sliding door. What do you need to know about the latter? We will discuss the details further in the following lines.

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Sliding door: the different materials

Several materials are used to make sliding doors. For example, you will find solid wood or steel. By making a combination of the 2 materials, you will bring an industrial side to your interior. The choice varies depending on your budget and needs. For example, you can opt for custom-made sliding doors made of wood, mirror or glazed coverings. Here is a complete list of the different materials that can be used in the design of sliding doors.

Solid wood

Buying a wooden sliding door allows you to enjoy a warm look in your home. Indeed, this carpentry equipment brings a real touch to the decoration of interiors from all walks of life. On the market, you will find several models in solid wood, MDF or melamine.

Melamine sliding doors are less expensive than MDF or solid wood panels. Whichever material you choose, you will have the choice between several finishes and colours.

The main advantage of a wooden sliding door is that it is possible to change its appearance. In addition, solid wood is very easy to repaint. It will therefore not be a problem for you during the change of the interior decoration of your accommodation.


In recent years, aluminium sliding doors have been very popular with architects. With an exceptional design, these types of interior doors are ideal for enhancing and enhancing the decoration of any room.

In addition, aluminum is considered one of the most popular insulators in the construction industry. In addition to its ease of use, aluminium sliding doors offer real thermal insulation. They will be ideal for separating two rooms.


The sliding glass door is a very aesthetically pleasing piece of carpentry equipment. Thanks to its touch of glass, it will enhance your most modern interiors. However, be aware that aluminum sliding doors are quite fragile and messy compared to an aluminum door. In addition, choosing to install a sliding glass door requires vigilance in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

In addition, the glass door is the ideal carpentry equipment for partitioning an entrance. By choosing to install it inside a room, you are sure to create a loft spirit. However, pocket sliding doors are not ideal for creating a separation. At this level, the ideal would be to turn to solid wood or aluminum doors.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is one of the most robust and easy-to-clean materials. All types of sliding doors made from this material can enhance modern homes. In addition, galvanized steel is infinitely recyclable. This material is considered to be the most environmentally friendly available on the market.

By choosing to buy a galvanized steel sliding door, you will have the choice between several colors. The main disadvantage here is the risk of corrosion. However, there are treatments that can significantly extend the life of galvanized steel sliding doors.

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Sliding door: what are the advantages of this joinery equipment?

The installation of a sliding door allows you to benefit from several significant advantages. Here are some of this sliding system:

Installing a sliding door: an ideal carpentry shop for people with reduced mobility

Sliding doors are perfect for people with limited mobility. This is due to the fact that they can be opened easily and adapt to any dimension. Available in a custom-made version, the sliding doors are of great benefit to people with reduced mobility.

Thanks to the sliding system of the interior door, people with disabilities can easily enter their homes. In addition, they have the option to choose the opening size that suits them. This is a very practical aspect that should not be overlooked.

Installing a sliding door: discreet joinery

The sliding doors automatically disappear in the open position. Such an action leaves the spotlight to the interior design and decoration of your home. In addition, a surface-mounted or pocket sliding door can be discreet to offer an open space and let light through. During the opening, the sliding of this joinery equipment takes place discreetly on rails.

Installing a sliding door: carpentry equipment to benefit from a partition (space saving)

In small areas, sliding doors are very preferred. Unlike a swing door, these cannot take up any floor space during opening or closing. This saves a lot of space and allows for a separation that is suitable for small spaces.

Installing a sliding door: a piece of carpentry to benefit from a decorative opening

Installed on a track and equipped with a sliding leaf, sliding doors stand out as irresistible joinery with the ability to modernise any type of interior. Thanks to their elegance and natural charm, they are available in a wide range of finishes and designs.

On the market, you will find several types of sliding doors. Each of them is designed to adapt to desires, tastes and budget. Whether it’s sliding doors made of wood, galvanized steel or glass, you’re sure to find one that can perfectly meet your requirements.

What are the main types of sliding doors available on the market?

When you start construction work, you should also think about the type of door you will install. Many people opt for sliding doors because of their various innovative features.

Note that there are a variety of types of sliding doors on the market. They are doors with a variety of styles and models. Before making a choice, it is important to take note of the different models of sliding doors available.

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The recessed sliding door

The first sliding door model that you will find in the catalogs is the recessed sliding door. It is a door that combines design and comfort. It brings a purely traditional style to your home. This is because the recessed sliding door sinks into the wall. In addition, its system offers you the possibility of using both sides of the wall for decoration. By doing so, you add elegance and authenticity to your décor. Be aware that the track system of this door may be hidden from prying eyes.

The bellows sliding door

The second type of sliding door available on the market is the bellows door. This sliding door model is typically chosen for rooms with limited spaces, patios, and bathrooms. However, the bellows sliding door is also suitable for technical rooms in a home. You have the option of equipping your bellows sliding door with several accordion folding systems. Integration is often done with a rail system at the top of the frame.

Aluminium sliding doors

When you are planning to build a tiny house, the perfect door you can opt for is the aluminum sliding door. It easily integrates cluttered areas, narrow areas, and small rooms. It is a door that requires no maintenance in addition to its durability. In addition, it allows you to optimize the available space in your rooms. It should be noted that the aluminum sliding door is the preferred model of architects and contractors. In fact, it has several aesthetic options, high performance combined with some technical properties.

The folding sliding door

The folding sliding door is manufactured with a striking resemblance to the bellows sliding door. However, it differs from the latter in its functionality. This is because the folding sliding doors fold over each other to open and close. There are usually two or three of them installed. When you want to open or close them, you just have to fold one part over the other. Depending on the size, opening and closing them requires space. On the other hand, folding sliding doors are ideal if you need a door that combines neat style and design.

The suspended sliding door

The suspended sliding door is made with a style that is completely different from other types of sliding doors. To install it, you need wheels, rails and fittings. This is because suspended sliding doors are always installed on a system of suspended tracks. The rails mark the path and the wheels allow the doors to be opened and closed by sliding them down the path. This allows them to be slid horizontally from left to right.

In addition, you should know that sliding doors fit perfectly into small spaces. These are great optimization accessories that you can use as a main door. Thanks to their large opening, suspended sliding doors make full use of the space.

The sliding glass door

When you think of glass, you speak of subtlety and elegance. They are aesthetically pleasing accessories that are very popular in the construction world. Therefore, sliding doors are the most magnificent doors available on the market. They are the most purchased doors by shop builders. These are also doors used in financial institutions.

Sliding glass doors can allow you to bring brightness to your space. They also give you the opportunity to style your rooms. In addition, these doors help to enhance the atmosphere of a place. They are specially designed to bring aesthetics and glamorous style to rooms.

The sliding door with sensor

Sliding doors with sensors are also widely used in the construction industry. In fact, you will find them in:

  • Offices;
  • Hospitals;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Hotels.

They are manufactured for use in the transport of heavy loads and instruments. Sliding doors with sensors are also used in high-traffic areas. They are always equipped with a motion sensor configured for opening and closing. In addition, sliding doors with sensors are also excellent for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

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How to properly maintain your sliding doors?

Since they are made of different materials, the maintenance of sliding doors is done with different methods. However, you should know that the proper functioning of these doors depends on their maintenance.

The procedure for wood care

Regardless of the type of sliding doors you have purchased, you should have dust removed regularly. This way, no dust will leave indentations on your doors. It should be noted that cleaning techniques vary depending on the type of wood used to make the doors.

Solid wood care

Solid wood is a manufacturing material that requires extremely thorough cleaning. To maintain it, you can use a soft cloth soaked in soapy water. Be sure to follow the direction of the fiber so as not to damage the door. Also, buff the wood once a year with a chemical.

In addition, it is recommended that solid wood sliding doors be sanded and repainted every 15 years. When carrying out this work, you must take care to consider the specificities of each type of wood. Some woods require rinsing with alcohol.

Maintenance of melamine

Melamine wood is a popular design material for sliding doors. This is because it is less expensive and accessible to all budgets. Used to make a sliding door, it gives it a smooth coating. Thus, it makes it easier to clean the door. Finally, it is advisable to clean the doors frequently so that they do not get completely damaged.

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