How to find your keys with your smartphone?

How to find your keys with your smartphone?

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Keys that disappear! These are the types of situations we prefer to avoid during the day. Not only does it mean that you have to waste time searching, but it also prevents you from getting on with the day in peace. In some cases, you’re even forced to contact a professional only to find the key in an unexpected place. Luckily, in case you get lost, your smartphone can be your best ally in finding your keys. In this article, we’ll tell you how.

What are the solutions used to find keys with a phone?

The mobile phone has now become a real survival tool with which you can find your keys in different ways. Here are some of them.

Locate your keys with a Bluetooth tracker

One of the most widely used technological solutions is to use a small Bluetooth tracker to hang on your keychain. These devices, which are the size of a coin, link to your smartphone via a dedicated app. When you misplace your keys, simply open the app to see their last location. It’s a convenient solution that allows you to locate your keys at both long and short distances. You can ask Doors center for advice if you have any doubts.

In case of theft or when you forget it in a restaurant, you will simply have to retrace your route and easily locate your key within a very wide radius. Some trackers even have a built-in function that makes your keys ring, which is very handy when they are hidden under a piece of furniture or in another room. The range of Bluetooth makes it possible to locate them within a large perimeter.

It’s the ideal solution to find your keys quickly, but as you can imagine, it comes at a cost. Indeed, it usually costs about twenty euros for a Bluetooth tracker. Also, you should always remember to hang it on your keychain and recharge it regularly.

Ring your keys by calling your own number

Another simple trick is to use the call function on your key fob. In fact, many keychains are now equipped with a small key ring with a built-in battery, on which your phone number is listed. When you can’t find your keys, simply call your own number. The key fob will then start ringing, allowing you to locate it if it’s not too far away. This method is completely free and does not require any special accessories.

However, you need your keys to be within range, usually the room you’re in. The scope of this solution is not huge, but it is quite practical to find a key stuck in a place where you will not necessarily go to look.

Using Radio Frequencies

Radio frequency key fobs are innovative devices that make it easy to locate your misplaced keys. They work by emitting a radio frequency signal that can be detected by a receiver, usually an app on your phone. When you can’t find your keys, you can activate the alarm signal on the app and the key fob will beep to help you locate it.

Some models of radio frequency key fobs also offer a correct detection range and an alarm signal strong enough to be heard throughout the house. This makes these devices very convenient for people who tend to misplace their keys and want a simple and affordable solution to find them quickly.

Use the flashlight or flash on your smartphone

Finally, a final solution accessible to everyone is to use the lamp of your smartphone directly. Activate the flashlight or flash, and methodically scan all dark corners, under furniture and in neighboring rooms. Since the keys are metallic, they will reflect light and capture your attention with a shiny glow.

It’s a basic technique, but it can be very effective when your keys are lying around in a poorly lit area. The only downside is that the search area remains limited. But with patience, you’ll eventually find their tracks.

Why treat yourself to a connected keychain?

Buying a smart keychain is a smart decision for several reasons. First of all, these devices are designed to help you locate your misplaced keys using your smartphone’s technology. Not only do they save you the stress and frustration of searching for your keys, but they can also save you valuable time.

In addition, some models of connected keychains offer additional features, such as notification of missed calls or music playback. In addition, they are usually compact and easy to use. Finally, given their usefulness and affordability, smart keychains are a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind.

How do I use a key tracking device?

Using a key tracking device starts with installing the device on your keyring. You can go to a specialist store to get the device and have the corresponding app installed on your phone. Once the app is installed, you need to pair the tracking device with your phone via Bluetooth or radio frequency. This allows you to customize the device’s settings, such as its name, ringtone, and photo.

When you lose your keys, you can use the app to locate your keys. You can either ring the device or display its location on a map. It is important to note that the range of this equipment remains limited. However, some apps offer alternative solutions, such as the Crowd GPS feature or the last known location.

How to stop losing your keys?

To avoid losing your keys, it is recommended to have a routine for your keys. For example, you can always put your keys in the same place, such as in a bowl at the entrance or in a drawer. It can also be helpful to get into the habit of checking your keys before you go out or go home. In addition to these habits, you can use visual or audible reminders to remember your keys.

For example, you can use stickers, notes, or alarms to remind you where your keys are. Finally, it is recommended that you have a key finder app on your phone. This app may be the one provided by the tracking device you are using. It is important to regularly check that the app and device are connected and functional.


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