How to secure your home in 2024?

How to secure your home in 2024?

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Houses are constructions that are regularly exposed to burglaries. The latter multiply a little more each year. Thus, it is necessary to provide security in order to limit the intrusion of burglars. The evolution of technology makes it possible to set up specific systems to control vandalism. Discover some tips to protect your home in 2024.

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Install an alarm system

The first tip to protect your home in 2024 is to install an alarm system. It is a device known to be a deterrent in the event of an intrusion. Its particularity is that you have the choice of the type of alarm that suits you on the market.

Wireless Alarm

For your alarm system, you can opt for the wireless one. It is a state-of-the-art device that is rather simple to set up. Once installed, you can still move it around without any problems. Radio signals are sent to trigger the alarm in the event of an intrusion. The siren will automatically go off and alert the whole neighborhood.

Wired Alarm

The wired alarm system is also a tool to deter a burglary. Unlike the previous device, this one is made of electrical wire. This is because this system is connected to the alarm centre via cables. A malfunction of the latter can hinder the smooth running of the entire system. The installation of the wired alarm system requires drilling a few holes in the wall of your home.

Alarm with remote monitoring

The alarm with remote monitoring is an increasingly popular system and can keep your home safe in 2024. Its mode of operation is different and allows you to get your hands on the potential burglar.

It is a device that is connected to a monitoring centre that receives reports in the event of a violation. From then on, a private security service or the police is alerted to apprehend the criminals.

Alarm with a motion detector

In the quest to protect your home, the alarm with motion detectors is a good ally. In recent years, it is a system that has been adopted by many homeowners. The principle of operation is very simple, with formidable efficiency.

The detectors detect movement from a break-in and immediately trigger the alarm. The peculiarity of this device is that it goes virtually unnoticed by the intruder.

Alarm with surveillance cameras

In 2024, the alarm with surveillance cameras is well placed to protect the house. This is a device that is especially recommended when you are not often in the accommodation. When the system is installed, the alarm sounds as soon as the intruder tries to enter the house.

Surveillance cameras can be used to identify the burglar if the police intervene late.

Connected Alarm

In the age of the internet, virtually all devices are connected. This is also the case with alarm systems that make your home more secure. The novelty of this device is that it can be controlled remotely through a mobile application. No matter where you are, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile phone to report the violation. All that’s left to do is make a phone call to the security services to arrest the thieves.

Alarm with contact detector

Apart from the previous alarms, you can choose the one associated with a contact detector. It is a device that is installed near the doors or windows of the house. When opened, alarms go off directly. This will force the burglar to turn around.

Surveillance cameras

In 2024, it would be a good idea to equip your home with several surveillance cameras. It is a tool that helps prevent thefts, and even if they do occur, identify those responsible. Cameras can be used to monitor your home every day and at any time. The model to choose is essentially based on the characteristics of the home.

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Wireless Camera

The wireless camera is the first tool that can monitor your home. It is very practical and not at all complex to set up. However, you will need to have a good quality wifi connection . In the event of instability of the Internet box, the cameras will no longer be operational.

Infrared Camera

When it comes to cameras, you can choose the infrared one. It is much more intended for environments where there is no light. Infrared LEDs provide clear and crisp vision.

Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor security camera is a classic tool for securing your home. Even in 2024, it will still be indispensable for your protection. The outdoor security camera is known to last after it is installed. It is resistant to rain and snow as well as to the sun’s rays.

Shield the front doors of the house

The front door of the house is the first loophole exploited by burglars to gain entry. Thus, to increase security, it should be shielded. This way, it cannot be forced. Reinforcement is done according to the level of security you want to have.

Armoured door assembly

To prevent any attempt to intrude into your home, install the armored door assembly. It is a specially reinforced high-security system, it has been designed to withstand all impacts. Its protection not only covers the door, but also extends to its frame. It is because of all these features that it is expensive to install.

Flat armoured door

To secure your home, you can reinforce your door with flat shielding. This solution is more economical, but less effective than the previous one. Flat shielding consists of solidifying the door frame with a steel plate. This is enough to give tranquility to the occupants of the house.

Certified security door

If you want to be sure that you have made the right choice, you can install a certified security door. It guarantees optimal security of the house. This is because it is a tested door that resists any break-in attempts. This door shielding is validated by the A2P (Assurance Prévention Protection) standard.

Armoured door with multi-point lock

One of the first instincts of thieves is to pick the locks on each door leading to homes. Therefore, the locking system needs to be strengthened. Thus, it is advisable to adopt an armored door equipped with a multipoint lock. This special feature considerably limits the risk of burglary.

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Request the intervention of a security company

Hiring a security company is a solution that should be considered. It’s even more viable when you’re going on vacation for a long period of time. Thus, this structure will take care of the security of your home for the duration of your trip. This involves constant patrols around your home.

These will prevent any intrusion attempt by a burglar. Several companies offer the service of babysitting houses, but not all of them have the same returns. That’s why it’s important to get information before signing a contract. You can search the internet to get opinions on different providers in the field.

Reinforcing roller shutters

More and more houses have roller shutters. It is a modern system that improves the thermal efficiency of the home and provides more privacy. However, it is a source of intrusion for criminals, hence the need to strengthen this system.

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Security Bar

To protect a house with roller shutters from burglary, you can add security bars. It is a steel structure that is added to the initial installation of the house. As a result, it will be very difficult for criminals to lift the roller shutters from the outside.

Roller shutter lock

The safety bar is not the only option for reinforcing roller shutters. Installing a lock is a reliable alternative to protect the home. It is installed on the inside and, like the previous tool, it prevents the shutters from being opened from the outside. This is an option that may be right for you if your budget is limited.

Built-in alarm system

It is possible to integrate an alarm system with roller shutters to secure your home. The activation of the device’s siren is observed as soon as there is a forcing outside the installation. The built-in alarm system can be combined with a monitoring panel to maximize security.

Anti-lift motor

To ensure the safety of your home, you can opt for the anti-lift motor for the shutters. In the vast majority of cases, it is a system integrated into the panels that are installed. As a result, the engine locks up as soon as someone tries to force the flaps open.

Placing a presence simulator in the house

To avoid the risk of your home being burgled while you’re away, place a presence simulator. This will make thieves believe that the home is occupied by people. One of the first things to do is to schedule times when the lights will turn on and off.

You can also install a TV simulator in the house. It is a device that projects light similar to that of a television. To give more of a sense of presence, you can add a sound simulator. It will make the usual noises that are heard when it is actually inhabited resonate in the house.


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