What is a magnetic lock?

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Locks are considered mobile devices for opening and closing doors. They are generally composed of barrel, bit, headrest, striker, deadbolt, etc. Once the key is inserted into the cylinder, it triggers the activation of the bolt which turns and opens the strike. However, there are several types of locks available in the market. Among the most popular are magnetic devices. What do you need to know about them?

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What is a magnetic lock?

As the name suggests, the magnetic lock is considered a security device that can work using the electrical impulse. Installed on a front door, it makes it easy to open and close your woodworking equipment.

With a magnetic lock, there’s no need to use a key to open or close your front door. Contrary to popular belief, the way this security device works is not magic. Everything takes place thanks to a magnet. This is because the magnetic field is triggered when the transmitters and receivers get closer.

For the opening of the front door, the magnetic lock needs the right coordination between certain equipment such as:

  • The smart card;
  • The digicode;
  • The badge;
  • The remote control.

In recent years, these types of magnetic locks have become very popular in hotels and businesses. However, you can find them on the portals of houses and buildings. In addition, there are other techniques that can increase the level of security of your front doors. For example, you can opt for magnetic lock covers that can raise the security level of your cylinder.

Magnetic lock: how does it work?

With magnetic locks, there is no need to set up a mechanism that connects the door to the frames. Optionally locked, the magnet that makes up the safety device grips the front door and holds it to its frame. Then, the magnetic field generated by the power supply ensures that your front door is blocked.

For door opening, the electric current is stopped on demand. The front door will no longer be attached to its frame. At this point, it is sufficient to use the handle, as there is no longer a lock mechanism or latch key.

However, the opening can be controlled from the door using a switch. It is also possible to use a remote control system to open your front doors.

Thanks to existing home automation innovations, many solutions allow users to benefit from comfort and absolute protection against intrusions. As an illustration, there are magnetic-type security systems that can verify identity before granting access to your home.

To be protected against burglary, you can perfectly pair magnetic locks with an anti-burglary system. The entire safety device will be controlled from a smartphone or laptop.

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Magnetic lock: how to install this security device?

At first glance, the price to install a magnetic lock varies between €50 and €400. However, be aware that this is a range that is determined based on certain elements such as:

  • The difference in quality;
  • The level of security;
  • The options offered;
  • Aesthetic finishes;
  • Etc.

Once you have chosen the right lock model for your needs, schedule the new magnetic lock to be installed on your interior door. You can carry out this intervention yourself when it needs to be carried out on the portals.

However, installing a magnetic lock requires the technical skills of a locksmith for a front door. Such a recommendation should also not be overlooked when installing this security device on a door that leads to a space that you wish to keep secret.

During the installation of a magnetic lock, the closing mechanism should be placed on the top of the front door frame. When using a drill, certain locations must be made in order to pass the power cables. Next, you need to start by installing the fasteners.

After placing the rebar plate and electrical box on the front door frame, the locking device with magnet must be attached. Due to the complexity of this operation, it is important that you have the right tools and technical knowledge to achieve this safely.

After the magnetic lock has been installed, it can happen that the installation is done incorrectly. The front door opening and closing system will not be 100% functional. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, the ideal would be to entrust the installation of interior door locks to an expert locksmith. Being a seasoned locksmith professional, the intervention of this specialist will allow you to have high security magnetic locks. Each of them will be able to guarantee you a high level of security to counter the lock picking techniques used by burglars.

Installing a magnetic lock: the pros and cons

In recent years, magnetic locks have been in vogue on the market. More and more people are installing them in their homes in order to increase the level of security.

Magnetic lock installation: the advantages of this security device

Installing a magnetic lock makes it easy and comfortable to use. This is because you no longer need to use keys to get home. By opting for magnetic devices, you say goodbye to recalcitrant or seized multi-point locks. With a simple command, you’ll be able to unlock the door effortlessly. With magnetic locks, you can say goodbye to disturbing noises when opening front doors. This is due to the fact that this opening and closing system is particularly inaudible.

As far as protection is concerned, the benefits to be enjoyed are much more substantial. In fact, only people who have the order or code will be allowed to enter your home. This is due to the fact that magnetic locks are virtually tamper-proof. No matter what burglary techniques are used, criminals will not be able to disassemble the case or force the magnetic lock on your interior doors.

In addition, magnetic locks have the ability to keep track of any break-in or intrusion attempts. These are high-security devices that should not be neglected and can be installed on all types of entrance doors. So don’t hesitate to make your choice according to the sleek and functional aesthetics of the models available on the market.

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Magnetic lock installation: the disadvantages of this security device

Although security locks are very beneficial for securing front doors, they are not spared from some significant criticisms. This is because installing a magnetic lock can expose your home to hacking. This is due to the fact that some of the basic systems of this safety lock are vulnerable. That’s why you need to do a thorough check on the different protection options before embarking on the purchase of your magnetic lock.

In the event of a breakdown, the magnetic locks are deactivated, causing the front doors to unlock automatically. At this level, the malfunction of your safety lock exposes the home to a risk of intrusion. This is a major known drawback of this security feature.

However, some magnetic locks have a relay system that allows them to operate in the event of a power failure. At this level, your interior or exterior doors equipped with these security features will remain blocked until the power comes back on.

What are the causes of malfunction of magnetic door locks?

Despite all the precautions taken by designers, sometimes magnetic door locks malfunction. This usually happens when the magnetic door lock is broken. Here are some possible causes of this problem:

Electronics defect

Electronics failure remains one of the most common causes of magnetic lock malfunction. This can be caused by several phenomena such as:

  • Environmental factors: humidity, extreme temperatures, frost, etc.;
  • Power outages;
  • Power surges;
  • Etc.

Each of the phenomena can have a considerable impact on the electronic components of the magnetic door lock.

Misalignment of the magnetic door

Malfunction of magnetic locks can also be caused by non-alignment of components. These include those that have been installed on the frame and housing of the unit. This phenomenon can be the cause of the acute problems recorded when closing and opening magnetic doors.

Normal wear and tear

The proper functioning of magnetic locks is based specifically on a strong magnet. The latter is designed to attract and keep another piece of metal at bay. Over time, this attraction can fade. At this point, the magnets will no longer be able to hold the door properly and in optimal conditions.

Physical weariness

Compared to any lock, the inner mechanism of the magnetic lock can wear out perfectly over time. This wear and tear is completely natural due to constant use and movement in different weather conditions. It is therefore important to put in place the right techniques to remedy this.

Electrical malfunction

It may happen that the locksmith responsible for installing the magnetic lock could not wire the front door properly. This can cause the magnet to malfunction. By turning the handle of the front door, the wiring must be perfect to power the magnetism of the device. If the wiring is damaged, it can cause the magnetic lock to malfunction.

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Malfunction of the magnetic lock: some checks to be carried out

In the event of a malfunction of the magnetic lock, certain checks can be put in place.

Checking the power supply

It is important to ensure that the magnetic lock is powered by electricity for it to function properly. This is because if the power supply fails, the lock may not work as it should. In order to ensure its proper functioning, it is therefore recommended to check that the power supply is properly connected and that it is working properly.

Checking the wiring

It is possible that the malfunction of the lock is caused by a problem with the wiring connecting the lock to the power supply and access control system. In order to resolve this issue, it is recommended that you check that all wires are properly connected and that there is no damage or alteration. If problems are detected with the wiring, it is advisable to repair or replace the defective components as needed.

Verification of the access control system

It is possible that the access control system is the cause of the lock problem. Thus, it is recommended to check that this system is working properly and that the lock is programmed correctly. If necessary, it is advisable to reset the access control system and reprogram the lock in order to resolve any malfunctions.

Checking the alignment of the door

When the door is not properly aligned, it is possible that the magnetic lock is not working properly. To remedy this, it is recommended to check the alignment of the door frame as well as that of the striker. If these elements are not properly aligned, it is advisable to make adjustments in order to correct this situation and thus ensure the proper functioning of the magnetic lock.

Checking the rebar

The rebar plate is the metal plate to which the magnet attaches when the door is locked. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the lock, it is recommended to check that this plate is clean and free of any debris. This is because the presence of dirt, dust, or debris on the plate can prevent the lock from working properly. In this case, it is advisable to clean the rebar thoroughly and try to unlock the door again to fix the problem.

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