Why install safety glazing?

Why install safety glazing?

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When building a house, safety is arguably one of the central concerns of any architect and homeowner. Windows and glazing play a vital role in protecting the entire building from various risks and threats. This is where safety glazing comes into play with its strength and strength. Do you want to know how important it is to opt for this type of glazing for your home or business? All the answers in this article.

What risks does safety glazing protect you from?

The glass roofs of houses and buildings are exposed to a multitude of risks and threats on a daily basis. There are intrusions, bad weather, but also domestic accidents. Safety glazing is a measure that allows you to anticipate this type of situation and protect yourself.

Also, burglaries are a scourge that many homeowners face every day. Burglars often take advantage of the vulnerability of windows to break into a property. The consequences of these intrusions go far beyond material loss. They can cause emotional trauma for occupants and compromise their sense of safety at home.

In addition, bad weather can cause significant property damage. High winds, torrential rains, hailstorms, or even hurricanes can damage standard windows, allowing outdoor elements to get inside. These incidents can not only lead to high repair costs, but also endanger the safety of residents.

This is because standard windows, when broken, can create sharp shards of glass that can cause serious injury. Fortunately, in the face of these risks and threats, you can opt for custom-made security glazing thanks to the professionals at Doors center.

What are the advantages of safety glazing?

Protecting your home is well worth an investment in a security canopy. At Doors center, you will have the opportunity to see for yourself the many advantages of its installation for users.


Security glazing is the barrier you need to go on holiday with peace of mind without worrying about intrusions. This is because, unlike standard glass, which can be relatively easy for determined burglars to break, security glazing, such as laminated glass, offers a much stronger barrier. The special interlayer layers of laminated glass hold the glass in place even if it is broken, discouraging intruders and complicating their access.

This means that your home or business becomes a less attractive place for burglars, as they know that the break-in will be more difficult and slower. In addition, in the event of an intrusion attempt, laminated glass limits the risk of serious injury from glass shards, providing additional protection for occupants.

Protection in case of glass breakage

The main reason why safety glazing is increasingly being adopted in homes is because of the way it behaves when it receives a high impact. Safety glazing, such as laminated glass, stands out for its ability to minimize the risk of injury in the event of glass breakage. While regular glass shatters into sharp pieces, laminated glass is designed with interlayer layers that hold the glass in place, even if it is damaged.

This means that in the event of an impact, the pieces of glass remain attached to the interlayers, significantly reducing the risk of serious cuts. This feature is useful in environments where occupant safety is paramount, such as schools, hospitals, and public spaces.

Weather resistance

Extreme weather conditions can test the strength of your windows and glazing. Severe storms, hurricanes, strong winds, and even hail can cause considerable damage to buildings. This is where safety glazing stands out once again. The impact resistance properties of laminated glass, for example, make it an ally of choice in the face of bad weather.

When objects fly due to high winds or hail pounds your windows, safety glazing provides added protection. It resists impacts and maintains its structural integrity, reducing the chances of water ingress and property damage inside your space. If you need a quick installation of security glazing to protect your home from the vagaries of nature, contact Doors center immediately.

Noise reduction

Tranquility is an essential part of any living or working space. Safety glazing provides an added benefit by helping to reduce unwanted outside noise. The interlayers of laminated glass act as an acoustic dampener, absorbing much of the outside noise, whether it’s traffic noise, nearby conversations, or other sound sources. This creates a calmer and more peaceful indoor environment, promoting concentration, relaxation and overall quality of life.

Whether you live near a busy street, a train track, or in a noisy neighborhood, security glazing can provide you with a true sonic escape. It is also valuable in commercial buildings, helping to create a more productive and enjoyable work environment for employees and customers.

Energy efficiency

In addition to its safety benefits, safety glazing can also play a crucial role in improving the energy efficiency of your building. As a component of your thermal envelope, it helps reduce heat loss in the winter and maintain a comfortable temperature in the summer. The interlayers of the laminated glass act as an additional insulator, helping to block unwanted temperature variations.

This increased energy efficiency translates into savings on energy bills. By limiting heat loss, safety glazing reduces the need to heat your space during the cold season, while maintaining comfortable coolness in the summer. This means less reliance on heating and cooling, which is good for the environment and your wallet.


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