The Most Common Home Security Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

The Most Common Home Security Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

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The safety of a home remains one of the most important concerns for any homeowner. This is because the occupants of a home must feel confident and not be confronted with burglary. To do this, several security features have been designed by experts to significantly limit the malicious actions of thieves. However, some people make security mistakes while setting up their protection system. This causes huge loopholes and makes it easier to break into homes. Here are some security mistakes to avoid:

Home Security Mistake: Assuming a Locked Door Provides Adequate Protection

Today, several home safety mistakes are made by homeowners. Contrary to what some people think, closing the front doors is not enough to deter thieves. One of the best solutions would be to opt for a high-quality smart lock. This carpentry equipment is harder for any thief to access.

This is because smart locks are carpentry equipment that can be controlled remotely. For example, you will be able to check the condition of your front doors (locked or not).

Although the front doors are locked to perfection, this may not deter some determined thieves. Anyone who wants to properly secure their home must install a high-performance security system. According to estimates made by the police force, the majority of burglaries occurred through the front door. It is therefore essential to deter thieves. To do this, refer to the devices that allow you to have secure doors. These will provide you with additional protection after locking your access.

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Home Safety Mistake: Installing Fixed Light Fixtures Outdoors

By installing fixed lights outside your home, you are indirectly installing signs that say “thieves welcome”. Today, thieves can use your facilities to their advantage. This is because they will be able to demarcate secure areas and plan the breach in the best possible way.

Contrary to popular belief, fixed fixtures are not effective in deterring thieves. On the contrary, they can be a nuisance to those around you. Instead of fixed lamps, opt for solar lights with a motion sensor. These are specifically designed to work in the event of motion being detected. Thus, it does not constitute a nuisance to the neighbors.

Thanks to the security system offered by motion sensor lights, thieves will be surprised during their intrusion. They’ll think twice before trying to break into your home. In addition, motion detectors provide energy savings, as the lights will remain on standby as long as there is no movement. This is one of the best ways to deter thieves and save on electricity bills.

Home Security Mistake: Installing a Visual Alarm System from Outside the Home

Installing alarm systems in a home is one of the most effective ways to deter thieves. Thanks to this security system, it is rare to deal with burglaries. However, some people make the mistake of installing the alarm system panel inside the house. Such a practice is quite discouraged since it leaves burglars in the dark and they can operate.

This is because thieves tend to thoroughly inspect targeted homes before carrying out their break-in. If the burglar sees that you have an alarm system, he can abandon his intrusion.

When the security box is not visible from the outside, the thief will not know if the alarm system is activated or not. Such uncertainty can deter them from trying to break into your home.

To avoid coming face to face with thieves, make sure that the alarm system panels are visible from outside the house. For more peace of mind, opt for security devices capable of transmitting the recorded images to the owner through the internet.

Home Security Mistake: Spreading the Word About Travel Plans on Social Media

In recent years, social media has been seen as a great way to connect with friends and family. However, it can also be one of the causes of burglaries perpetrated by burglars.

In recent years, many people have tended to post their upcoming vacation on social media. By opting for such a practice, you are indirectly sending an invitation to the thief supposedly “my house is empty”. To avoid a violation during your stay, refrain from posting your next holiday on social media.

To get noticed on social networks, some people post photos and videos of their homes. However, they are unaware that such a practice can alert the thief. Indeed, the images and videos published allow some burglars to know the geolocation of the house and the hiding places of valuables. By making publications of this magnitude, you are indirectly giving a map of your home to any thief.

If you want to post photos and videos of your holiday on social media, it would be ideal to wait and do so while you return. Such a practice is necessary, as a presence on the premises makes burglaries much more difficult.

Also, don’t hesitate to let your neighbours know that you will be away for certain periods. In this way, they will be able to take a regular look at your home, in case you are away. This is a good way to provide extra protection to your home.

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Home Security Mistake: Putting Fake Safety Equipment

To deter thieves, some people tend to install fake security equipment in their homes. Be aware that such a practice is very risky and can affect the security of your home. Whether it’s fake security cameras, non-functional alarm systems, or dog deterrent signs, they’re all ineffective against burglaries.

Nowadays, seasoned thieves have effective methods of spotting fake security equipment. If you install them, you risk a lot since it won’t be able to deter them. On the contrary, experienced thieves may see your act as a challenge to be met. Your home will therefore be susceptible to repetitive burglary actions.

By installing the fake security equipment, you give a false sense of security. Anyone who wants to deter thieves needs to invest in real protection. For more comfort, it would be wise to favor those that are authentic and regularly updated.

Home Security Error: Refraining from Updating Alarm System Software

Alarm systems tend to work with software. These need to be updated in order to be more efficient. Indeed, this allows the alarm system to benefit from new features and bug fixes. By not updating the alarm system software, you may lose certain functions that are essential to the proper functioning of your security equipment.

Additionally, earlier versions of alarm system software may be vulnerable to hacking. To avoid this situation, the best solution would be to update the software of your security device on a regular basis. Always make sure that the latest version is installed on the hardware. This way, your alarm system will be able to take advantage of the latest security features available.

Home Security Mistake: Refraining from Activating the Alarm System Before Leaving Home

Why install an alarm system if you don’t want to use it? Nowadays, many people forget to activate their security system and arm the sensors before leaving the house. Such negligence is conducive to burglaries.

This is because thieves are often seen as opportunists, as they tend to target homes that are easy to burglarize. If one of them finds that the alarm system is not activated, they will make a quick intrusion and may steal the valuable items. Anyone who does not wish to be confronted with such a situation should ensure that the alarm system is activated before leaving the house.

Nowadays, there are home automation alarm systems that can arm themselves. You can perfectly invest in these in order to have better protection. When you leave your home, the home automation system will automatically activate the alarm system until you return.

Home Safety Mistake: The Non-Automation of Lights Operation

There are several ways to deter thieves. One of the best solutions would be to simulate a presence in your home when you are not there. To achieve this, don’t hesitate to opt for lighting automation.

This is because randomly turning the lamps on and off gives the impression of a presence in the house even if you are elsewhere. With such a security system, your empty home won’t be targeted by thieves. This is one of the surefire ways to deter burglars and create a more inviting space with guests.

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Home Security Error: Security System Self-Monitoring

Nowadays, self-monitoring the security system is an effective way to provide additional protection to your home. To give you peace of mind while on the move, entrust the monitoring of your security system to one of the companies specializing in the field. This is because they can quickly contact the police when they find something suspicious.

Although the security system’s self-monitoring is effective for total absences, it is still limited in some respects. Indeed, people who want to have a more secure home can consider a remote monitoring service.

Home Security Mistake: Failing to Assess Your Home’s Weaknesses

In order to deter thieves, it is essential to make your home more secure. To do this, you must first assess the weak points of your home. It is important to ask yourself some relevant questions. Are there any vulnerabilities that thieves could exploit?

Once you’ve identified these pain points, it’s time to take action to mitigate them. The steps to be taken can be varied, ranging from installing additional locks to adding a custom security system. You may also want to consider hiring a security company to assess your home’s vulnerability. Making your home safer will deter thieves, but it will also give you invaluable peace of mind.

Home Security Mistake: Forgetting to Keep Your Connected Objects

Advancements in smart home technology have made it possible to access security devices such as surveillance cameras, smart locks, and alarm systems. However, this technology can also introduce flaws in your security system, which can easily go unnoticed if you just check that everything is working normally.

It’s crucial to take a close look at how your security devices are working. Check to see if they need to be plugged into a power source or if they are battery-operated. After a power outage, make sure your security system is still functional and check the battery level of devices regularly to avoid unexpected outages. It’s also essential to keep your security appliances’ software up-to-date to benefit from full functionality and avoid cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Failure to do so could result in some features malfunctioning and expose your security system to risk.

In today’s world, it’s more crucial than ever to take steps to protect your home from burglaries. You can make your home safer and prevent theft. Don’t delay in taking action and start securing your home today to avoid future regrets.

When it comes to protecting your home or business from intrusions, there are several solutions. Intruder alarms are a popular choice, and there are two types of alarms to consider: wired alarms and wireless alarms. Wired alarms are connected to an alarm panel via a transmitter, while wireless alarms use GSM or PSTN communication.

In both cases, these alarm systems can be equipped with motion detectors, opening detectors and CCTV cameras to detect intrusion cases. Wireless alarms are often equipped with a remote monitoring system that allows the alarm to be controlled remotely and to receive alerts in the event of an intrusion. They can also be equipped with sirens that go off to alert occupants and deter intruders.

Contact the security experts at Doors Center to help you avoid these security mistakes in your home:


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