The different access controls available on the market

The different access controls available on the market

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Securing access to the premises is one of the important elements of a house. However, access management remains a sensitive subject since ill-intentioned people could breach the security level when security is not perfect. By implementing effective access control , you will be able to have a high-security intrusion detection system. This is why it is important to implement secure access solutions in your residential area in order to have a highly effective anti-intrusion system.

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  • Access Control System: What is it?
  • What are the access controls typically used for your front door?
  • What are the different devices for access control?

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Access Control System: What is it?

Access control systems are devices for managing access to sensitive buildings or areas. For this device to work perfectly, several pieces of equipment must be brought together. These include access control devices (access card and card reader), access management dashboard, and hardware solutions.

An access control system significantly reduces the risk of data and product theft. It also contributes to strengthening the security of employees or occupants of the premises. This type of system typically uses a 2-factor or multi-factor authentication procedure. In principle, it requires the use of an electronic card or password.

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What are the access controls typically used for your front door?

To improve the security level of a front door, several access management solutions are available. Each of them gives you better control over the entrances and exits of your home. At the same time, you will be able to give access permissions to administrators with ease. There are several access control lists to control and secure the front door of a home. Here are some of the management solutions available to you:

The Manual Access Control Solution

Manual access control is part of one of the secure access management solutions for multiple people. It is typically used to control and secure entrances and exits. This access management solution perfectly plays the role of doormen, stewards or customer service agents.

This is because manual access control offers comprehensive management of the security system. It has control equipment to identify people wishing to enter the premises. To achieve this, this security system is specifically based on certain predefined criteria. This is the case, for example, with a device to control events and entrances to a concert hall.

In addition, manual security system control solutions are typically used in high-traffic access points. This is the case, for example, with cinemas, theatres or stadiums. At this level, it is difficult to have access rights to obtain information about the people present at the event venues. This is due to the fact that manual access control systems are not designed for identification.

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The Mechanical Access Control Solution

Among the various systems used to control the entrances and exits of a front door, the mechanical access control solution is very effective. As an example, you can opt for a cylinder lock with a suitable key. This access system increases the security level of the front door of a house or garage.

Equipped with a mechanical lock, locks of this size can be unlocked using a PIN code. With this access control system, the transfer of access rights is carried out easily to each user. Similarly, customizing permissions can be done quickly by administrators. In addition, it is a smart solution since it allows access to multiple doors without having to lug around keyrings.

The installation of mechanical access control is carried out with ease. Although this security system does not have detectors, it still offers a comprehensive solution for access to the premises and improves security measures. Installers of this mechanically secure access system will not encounter any difficulties in setting up this control device.

Regarding the mode of operation, this access control system has a mechanical code lock. It works by aligning several ferrules according to the number of digits that make up the code to be entered on the keyboard. Each of the castors that make up a safety system has an active position in relation to the mechanism. If each caster is aligned to the correct combination, the lock will automatically unlock, as its mechanism is activated. This control system provides efficient access and flexibility. So don’t hesitate to install a mechanical access control system to increase the level of security of your premises.

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Electronic access control systems

For buildings with higher requirements, a high-security access system is required. At this level, one of the most popular I/O management solutions is electronics. Today, there are different devices sold on the market. It is therefore up to you to choose the one that will allow you to have better control of the entrances and exits with ease.

For types of electronic access, this requires the presence of certain control equipment and a magnetic card reader (chip or electronic badges). Whether it’s an access card, an RFID card or a smart card, each of them contains correct identification information that allows a person to identify themselves and have access to the building. These electronic access control systems also make it possible to register the people present in the premises and limit any intrusion. Today, there are various electronic access system devices.

Electronic systems for autonomous control

Standalone systems tend to be used for single access points. Inputs and outputs are allowed only on the basis of the access permissions stored in the stand-alone components. Examples include electronic badges, electronic keys, RFID cards, etc. This is because standalone systems are not wired. This means that the requirements for installing access control are not as high. This allows for better time management in front of the control devices. Similarly, the components that need to be scanned to gain access to the system can be easily adapted to it.

Installing a stand-alone system to control access to the building is a very effective entry and exit management solution. The level of security offered by such a device will be much higher, especially when stand-alone systems are installed in buildings. The same applies when there is no infrastructure at the installation site.

In addition, the various control equipment for standalone systems can be easily integrated into a larger access management solution. Specifically, installers can easily combine standalone and in-line control equipment. In addition, it is much easier to integrate a few off-site access points into standalone systems. Such possibilities allow for much more imposing access controls. By way of illustration, it can be mentioned: digital cylinders, mechatronic cylinders (combination of electronics and mechanics) and electronic cylinders.

The online electronic system

Online electronic access systems are generally used to provide the highest level of security. They are wired and connected to access control software and directly connected to a host device. With the online electronic security system, you will benefit from better security of access to the premises. This is due to the fact that online control solutions have a feature to exchange messages in real time between the various access control equipment (digital imaging, motion detectors, camera and video surveillance) and the control software. To install an online control system, it would be ideal to opt for devices with a high level of security. In this way, you will benefit from several interfaces with other systems that can allow you to have a global management of your security system. This is the case, for example, with the intrusion alarm system, elevator control, remote monitoring, etc.

The Mechatronic Access Control System

As mentioned earlier, the various mechatronic access control devices are a combination of electronic and mechanical systems. This allows for a higher level of security. Indeed, the electronic lock system makes an initial check according to the medium used (fingerprint, RFID card, magnetic badge, etc.). After passing this step, administrators must insert a key into the mechanical lock before opening the front door. This type of suit is typically used in sensitive areas and offices with high security requirements. You can also find them in private residential buildings or server rooms.

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Physical access systems

Physical access systems can also play an important role in security. No matter what lock or access control system is in place, the security system will not matter when it is breached. That’s why it’s important to opt for a comprehensive management solution that must be in line with the fairly high security requirements. Here are some physical access systems that should not be overlooked:

  • Detector or sensor barriers;
  • Revolving doors;
  • Security interlocks;
  • Half-height turnstiles;
  • Full-height turnstiles: These are all-height barriers that are usually deployed on the outer fence line. This solution is the best deterrent against any accidental intrusion attempt. Full-height turnstiles help prevent tailgating as much as possible. Although 2 people can fit in the same compartment, be aware that this device will only rotate once per valid authorization. This makes it possible to limit smuggling as much as possible.
  • Tripod turnstiles: whether manual or electric, the arms tend to rotate in order to allow the passage authorized by the access system. However, you should know that this is a very effective solution for crowd control. Likewise, it requires constant monitoring in order to thwart any fraudulent passage attempts.
  • Etc.

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What are the different devices for access control?

To have an effective access control system, it is important to have certain devices in place. Here are some of them:

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Identifiers are a unique electronic key. These include the one used by the administrator to gain access to the building secured by the access control system. Today, the most popular device for users is in the form of an electronic access card. However, some people prefer other methods. These include fingerprint, iris, face, pin, barcode, etc.

Locking Hardware: Badge Readers

Badge readers are considered to be IT solutions capable of filtering, controlling and authorizing the entry and exit of visitors or staff. You can install them in front of the gates of buildings or business premises. By way of illustration, it can be cited:

  • Passcode doors;
  • Turnstiles;
  • Gates and lifting barriers,
  • Etc.

Intelligent Controllers

To have an effective access control system, smart controllers must be installed. These include paintings or panels that are usually installed in buildings. These are used to process access control activity. These include credential readers, electrical locking hardware, and several other access control devices. Be aware that all of this equipment is connected to each other, wired or wireless.

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Computer servers and access control

The server computer is considered to be the brain of the access control system. This is because it acts as a central database. Specifically, the computer processes all the information about the control system. Similarly, it is specifically designed to be a file manager regarding the recording of system activities.

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