How to secure your doors and windows?

How to secure your doors and windows?

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In recent years, the summer periods have been considered to be times when the number of burglaries of houses and apartments increases considerably. To carry out their operation, thieves can break in through the doors of the windows. To avoid such undesirable situations, put everything in place to guarantee the peace of mind of your home and protect your valuables. What are the tips to use to secure the doors and windows of your homes?

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Secure your doors and windows: strengthen the strength of your front door

Being considered as the main opening of your home, the front door remains the carpentry to be effectively secured. According to estimates made by the police, the vast majority of burglars enter through the front door to carry out their operation. To achieve this with peace of mind, some of them tend to unhinge the front door using a crowbar. In the case of a glass door, burglars will have no trouble breaking the glass.

In addition to the classic protection devices (intrusion detection alarm or surveillance cameras), there is equipment that can be used to increase the security of your front door. This also applies to any other element related to the closure such as the door and window assembly, the hardware or the panel.

The locking system: the closing and opening of a front door

In the case of a front door, there are several lock, handle and cylinder options that can be used to enhance the security of your opening. For a more effective locking system, here are some recommendations that should not be overlooked:

  • Install a 5-point lock: This security device is effective in preventing burglars from unhinging your front door during break-in attempts.
  • Install an automatic mushroom roller lock: this security system helps to delay break-ins and limits any form of sawing.
  • Install a lock with an electric pull strike: This provides automatic locking of the front door when it is de-energized.
  • Install a secustik handle: this is a handle of secure windows to prevent any rotation from the outside.


On the hardware side, any homeowner can equip their front door with one or more security systems. For example, it is possible to opt for the door opener in your joinery. This safety device allows the front door to be locked in the half-open position.

On the other hand, you can resort to the digital peephole. The latter is specifically designed to record a video every time it rings. This security device will be useful when burglars ring your front door bell before they break in to make sure there is no presence in the home.

To finish with the hardware, opt for the installation of the anti-hinge protection. This device provides an effective security system to reinforce the hinges and delay any forced intrusions from the outside.

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Some people have a fully or partially glazed front door. At this level, the ideal would be to choose SP10 laminated glazing. The latter has a good resistance compared to conventional double glazing. It is therefore able to significantly delay the break-in perpetrated by burglars.

In accordance with the EN356 standard, there are models of laminated glazing that can offer you a fairly high degree of safety. These include those classified P5A (10 mm) or between P6B and P8B (10 to 27 millimeters thick). For example, SP10 glazing is specifically designed to withstand 9 impacts of 4.1 kg steel balls.

In terms of burglar-proof windows, 2 types of glass are used, namely:

  • Laminated glass panes: these are covered with a transparent vinyl PVB film. To prevent the glass from shattering into countless pieces after impact (hammer or crowbar on the glass), a cover of 2 layers of P2 film and 4 layers of P4 film is required. All these precautions make the glazing quite resistant to impacts. On the other hand, anti-infringement (doe) laminated glass can crack in the shape of a spider’s web, but remains on the film. Such resistance cannot be seen in standard glazing.
  • Tempered glass panes: As part of the premium models, windows of this size can shatter into small pieces with blunt edges. This greatly reduces the risk of accidental injury to the occupants of the room during an attempted burglary.

Secure your doors and windows: opt for removable pivots and anti-theft hooks

To break into homes for a burglary, the majority of burglars force the window fasteners. To achieve this, they tend to use a steel rod, crowbar, or screwdriver. To protect the occupants and valuables of your home, you must do everything possible to increase the security of your windows.

The ideal solution for this would be to install windows with anti-theft hooks. The latter are effective security devices against any burglary attempt. Lock hooks are usually attached to the steel frame of the window frame. They are available in 2 resistance classes, namely:

  • Basic RC1.
  • RC2 reinforced.

Regardless of the model chosen, the security lock hooks have movable pivots that are located around the perimeter of the window frame. In the closed window position, these safety devices can snap together and lock back to their original position. As a result, burglars will not be able to force or lift the moving part of the window in preparation for intrusion into the house.

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Secure your doors and windows: reinforce the openings

Choosing secure windows also provides additional protection against break-ins. This is guaranteed by the solidity of the frame of the closed sash. This is because the profile of the burglar-resistant windows is reinforced with galvanised steel. With a thickness of approx. 1.75 millimetres and a complex geometric shape, it offers absolute rigidity, smooth operation and an unchanging shape to windows.

For added security, don’t hesitate to reinforce the hinges and anti-theft hooks. Each of them plays an important role, as they prevent burglars from forcing open windows using a crowbar, screwdriver, or steel rod. It must therefore be inferred that the frame of the sash provides a higher level of protection against burglary.

Secure Your Doors and Windows: Choosing the Best Window Openers

Nowadays, it is clear that patio doors and windows are generally neglected. Be aware that these can be more secure when you invest in the best opening devices. These include, for example, safety sensors controlled by the magnetic field.

In fact, technological advances now make it possible to install motion detectors in window hardware. These are security devices that can be automatically connected to the home’s alarm system. In the event of an intrusion, the motion detectors transmit the information to the security centre, notifying that there has been a change in the position of the sash. Similarly, these security sensors that work with the magnetic field can warn occupants in the event of an attempted break-in of the handle. However, the alarm system must be activated in order for the detectors to sound the alarm.

Secure your doors and windows: install the EFFIAIR ventilation system

In view of the increase in temperatures, it would be wise to ventilate the rooms in your home. However, some occupants do not dare to do so because they fear that burglars will infiltrate through the half-open windows to burglarize their home. To avoid such a situation, the ideal would be to opt for the EFFIAIR ventilation system.

Also known as peripheral ventilation or box hardware, this device is one of the most effective solutions for good air circulation. Likewise, EFFIAIR remains the ideal ventilation system to have good security against burglary.

The installation of the EFFIAIR ventilation system allows for a space of 6 millimetres between the window and the frame. This gap created around the entire circumference offers the possibility of recirculating the air in the room. In this position, each bracket guarantees good burglary resistance compared to a locked window class RC2.

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Secure your doors and windows: install an intercom or videophone

Unlike standard doorbells, which only prevent visits, videophones and intercoms offer the possibility of chatting directly with the caller. Equipped with CCTV cameras, these security devices also allow you to see the people at your front door.

In addition, videophone and intercom are devices that are equipped with remote entry control. From your phone, you can decide whether or not to allow anyone outside your front door to enter your property.

Secure your doors and windows: protect patio/balcony doors from break-in

Nowadays, many people tend to overlook the safety of patio, balcony and garage doors. However, each of these openings is directly connected to the dwelling house. To prevent burglars from trespassing, make sure that balcony and garage terrace doors meet the same security standards as entrance openings.

This is because it is important that you secure them from the inside by using a lock or key. For more peace of mind, don’t hesitate to opt for lift door security devices. Additional locks can also be of great use since they make it difficult to open lift and slide doors from the outside. As for patio doors, safety glass will be effective in providing you with absolute security.

Secure your doors and windows: opt for the renovation of old front doors

When the door is not properly aligned, it is possible that the magnetic lock is not working properly. To remedy this, it is recommended to check the alignment of the door frame as well as that of the striker. If these elements are not properly aligned, it is advisable to make adjustments in order to correct this situation and thus ensure the proper functioning of the magnetic lock.

Secure your doors and windows: use the peephole and door camera

To keep your home safe, it’s crucial to know who’s showing up at your door, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter. Peepholes, and door cameras are effective ways to monitor your entrance.

Digital peepholes are preferable to traditional models because they don’t reveal your presence or absence. Door cameras transmit a real-time image from the outside to a small LCD screen inside the apartment, replacing traditional peepholes. This system prevents anyone outside from determining if someone is inside your home.

Modern buildings are often equipped with complete door-to-door communication systems that can:

  • To offer real-time electronic images from the outside to the inside;
  • To enable voice communication;
  • To allow the opening of the front door in the case of house entrances.

These different systems guarantee optimal safety for the occupants.

Secure your doors and windows: install anti-drill cylinders

It is important to note that the security of a door cannot rely solely on a keyed handle. Thieves can use different methods to break into a home. This can be, for example, the bore of the screws that hold the handle or the cylinders of the lock. A seasoned burglar can easily open a window in a matter of tens of seconds with these methods. To protect yourself effectively, it is recommended to choose window models equipped with a keyed handle and an anti-drill cylinder. This combination will make the burglar’s job much more difficult, even if they are equipped with tools such as a drill, screwdriver or screwdriver.

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